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Monday, April 9, 2012

Looking for My Blogging Purpose

I’ve had a string of emails lately from various sources asking me to join this blog promoting group or that ad program or to write a sponsored post or…whatever.  Those sorts of things always seem to give me a knot in my stomach. 

I’m not even sure why I get these things.  It’s not like this is a big blog with tons of traffic.  I’m not a brilliant homeschool organizer with tons of awesome preschool printables or timely tips.  With the thousands (and thousands) of homeschool blogs out there, there’s not much to set this one off from the pack, and so I’ve never really thought of this as a money-making opportunity.  It simply hasn’t been on my radar. 

But now I’m being asked those questions point-blank:  Am I going to accept ads?  Am I going to do sponsored posts? 

My gut asks me the bigger question:  What is your mission here?  What is the purpose of this blog?

Because I honestly don’t know.

3-1/2 years ago, my mission was to keep the Grands up to date with kids and write reviews for the TOS Homeschool Crew.  But we live in the same state with the Grands now and see them all the time.  And I don’t write reviews for TOS anymore. 

And so the ol’ blog has morphed somewhat.  Grown a little.  Waned a little.  I still write occasional reviews, but that’s not my real focus.  I talk about our days and post kid pics, because we do have friends and relatives all over the country.  I try to write from the heart and share what our lives are really like because I’ve always appreciated bloggers that write from the heart.  I philosophize a bit.

And I’ve picked up some “buzz” opportunities where I try out and talk about some products if they happen to appeal to me.

But the truth is I don’t have a plan, I just kind of randomly do stuff.  And getting free stuff in the mail and talking about it can be fun, but it also feels put on.  I’m pretty good at it, but it’s not really me and the commercialism makes me cringe a bit.

I read articles about SEO and the importance of establishing a “brand” and owning your domain and I think about these things and wonder if I should pursue them, but then we come back to those same questions:  What is your mission?  What is the purpose of this blog?  What do I have to offer to you and the rest of the blogosphere?  How much time and effort should I devote to this? 

And more importantly:  why am I doing it at all?

This kind of falls in with re-evaluating what I’m doing with my life.  My blog should be an extension of me, the real me, and so I’m praying for direction and anticipating some changes in the near future.  I need to make some decisions and find my muse.

If you blog, how do you find your purpose?