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Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Freebies: Standardized Tests for Those Who Are Curious

At the moment we don’t do any standardized test in our homeschool, because our state doesn’t require it and I’ve found in the past that multiple choice questions can be a poor indicator of true knowledge.

That said, sometimes when you’ve got a kiddo who’s struggling or who seems to fly through their work, you want some reassurance that they are really learning what you want them to learn, and standardized testing can be one way to measure that.

If you are looking at testing for your own information, and don’t need to submit test scores to anyone, you have some free options.  Many states release previous achievement tests to be used for practice, so students can become comfortable taking the test, and anyone can use them. 

A caveat:  remember, if the test tests something your kiddos haven’t learned yet (which is highly probable if you aren’t using a public school curriculum ;0), they may get frustrated.  And, of course, the converse it true, the test likely will not quiz them on many things you have covered.

The Texas Education Agency releases previous editions of their TAKS tests, complete with answer keys.  They have reading comprehension and math in both English and Spanish for grades 3-10 (interactive tests are also available for 9, 10, and exit level).  TELPAS reading tests are also available for grades 2-12.

Ohio State offers interactive practice tests from previous years for grades 3-8 in math, reading, writing, and social studies.  You can print these as well, but I don’t see printable answer keys.  You can take these without a login, but you can’t save your progress.

Virginia Dept. of Education has released tests from previous years for math, reading and writing.  Available as downloadable pdfs complete with answer keys.

The Florida Dept. of Education has released previous versions of their FCAT (for some grades) for reading and math, plus 8th grade science.

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