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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dr. Oetker’s Ristorante Pizza, a review


We don’t like to make a habit of processed foods around here, but yep, I usually do have a couple of pizzas in the freezer, because I’m sometimes lacking in the remembering to plan dinner department.

I usually shoot for whatever’s cheapest…frozen pizza is frozen pizza, right?

Oh, that’s so not true.

This evening, our family got to try Dr. Oetker’s Ristorante Pizza Spinaci (spinach) and Pizza Funghi (mushroom and mozzarella).

For comparison sake, and because Ristorante pizzas are on the small side (and I feared they wouldn’t feed my brood), I also served a regular store brand four cheese pizza.

Let’s look at the pizzas before they went into the oven:


store brand, 4 cheese, rising crust (I added the seasoning because it does tend to be bland)


Ristorante Pizza Spinaci (no additions)


Pizza Funghi (no additions)

And after baking (oops, forgot to snap the store brand):


Ok, not quite like the picture on the box.

But how did they taste?

I do have some picky eaters and not everyone tried the Ristorante pizzas. But, those of us who did (2 boys and 2 adults) all agreed that they were definitely superior to the store brand, both in flavor and texture. The store brand was just…well, eh.

The mushrooms and spinach both tasted fresh, not dried out or freezer-burned at all. Seasoning was nicely balanced, and they weren’t over sauced.

I hate it when the 2-year-old has sauce dripping off her chin…ok, she did have sauce dripping off her chin, because she was eating the store brand.

I did rearrange the mushrooms a little before baking. They didn’t drip cheese all over my oven even though you bake them directly on the rack.

Ristorante’s thin crust is crisp and crunchy, but different from many of the frozen thin crusts I’ve tried. It was flavorful, not just a flat disk to hold the toppings. My husband felt that the crust was a tad saltier than he’d prefer, but overall he preferred it to the store brand pizza.

Price-wise, Ristorante is probably a little higher than I’d like to pay if I’m just serving pizza (about $5 per 13.8 oz. pizza), but would work well as an appetizer or to go along with salad and pasta.

Other varieties available: Mozzarella, Speciale, Quattro Formaggi, and Vegetale.

Look for Dr. Oetker’s Ristorante Pizza in the freezer section of your grocer (check the Dr. Oetker website for locations).

Disclosure: I am a bzzagent. I received coupons for free and discounted product to facilitate my review. I received no monetary compensation, the views expressed here are my own.

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