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Monday, February 27, 2012

Letting Go of Un-useful Things

I admit that I’m a bit of a packrat.  It seems I’ve never come across a book, scrap of paper, or empty egg carton that I can’t imagine a future use for.

My book shelves are bowing.  There are boxes in the attic, full of books.  Not packed to the rafters or anything.  But stacked willy nilly.  I think the kids would prefer to have a play space there, rather than lumbering stacks of books.

Some of these are things that I bought for our homeschool thinking they would be perfect for us.  But they weren’t. 

And some of these are things that I reviewed and thought I’d definitely use them at a later date.  But I haven’t.

And perhaps I never will.

But it seems a shame to relegate so many things to boxes or the upper shelves to collect dust and perhaps never see the light of day in the hope that I might use them someday (maybe, possibly?)…when there are folks out there who could probably use them right now.

People trying to get past the midyear hump and coming up short on funds to buy replacements.

So, I’m reevaluating.  I’m taking a close, hard look at these treasures to see if they are really treasures for our family or would be better suited to someone else’s homeschool.

I will probably sell some things, but…and this is what will interest you…I also plan to give some things away.

So here’s to spring cleaning…I’m planning to post a giveaway later this week.  Here’s a hint on what it will be.

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