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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Our Homeschool Week: Seeing the World More Clearly

It’s been a long week.  But in a good way.  I’m going to start from the end and rewind to the beginning.

Peter finally has his glasses!


Doesn’t he look like a cute, little professor? 

He had his new eye exam early this week and it was full of revelations.  Not only is he very farsighted (more so in one eye than the other), but he has astigmatism in one eye, so he needs very special lenses.  And frames to fit a biggish head.  But we already knew about the big head.  ;0)

This kid gets more and more unique by the minute. 

I’m trying hard not to question why his “special” vision wasn’t revealed by all the eye exams he had in the first few years of his life, especially as they are telling us now that he’s had these issues since birth.  I just need to put that aside for my sake and his.  For some reason, we didn’t find out until now.  His progress in math and reading astounds me, given the challenges he’s endured.  The important things is that his eyes are getting the correction they need and this is good!

Getting the glasses was an all day affair, as the nearest place that could accommodate his vision needs and get them on his face quickly (how could we make him wait another week or more?) was an hour drive away each way.  I missed the reveal because I stayed home with the other kids. 

According to Chris, Peter’s first words after trying on his new glasses for the first time:  “Everything’s so BIG!”  Some things were a little scary.  Like stairs.  You have to understand, so much was  a blur to him before.  Now there are all these edges.   It will take time for his brain to learn to process all the new information.  He goes to back to the eye doctor in 3-4 months.

I’m already seeing a positive impact.  He’s watching a movie right now and sitting on the sofa with the rest of the kids instead of 2 feet from the TV. ;0)

Our academics this week were kind of mixed up, between Peter’s eye exam (that was an all day affair, too) and taking the day off on Monday for Mary’s birthday.

Mary is now 8!

Mary birthday 2012-001


You’ll notice a little furry critter in that scrapbook page.  That would be Hamlet, the other big change in our family this week! 

Hamlet is a Chinese dwarf hamster, and our gift to Mary for her birthday.  She’s been wanting to have a hamster for several months and has actually done a whole bunch of reading and research on them.

The first few days, all anyone wanted to do was watch Hamlet.  Hamsters are pretty easy to care for, I give them a thumbs up if you want a small pet.

The only caveat:  never ever leave the 2-year-old alone in the same room with the hamster cage.  Seriously.  Don’t even consider it.

So what did we learn, other than about Peter’s eyes (maybe it’s time to do another quick study on eyes and vision…hmm, I think I have just the thing) and about hamsters and how to feed them and care for them?  Isn’t that enough?

Peter and Mary both started an online supplemental program called K5 (I’ll be reviewing that some time in the coming weeks).  Covers phonics, reading, math, math facts, and spelling.  So far Peter really likes it.  He did much better on the assessment than I expected.  Mary’s doing well with it, too, but doesn’t like it as much as he does.

Peter is also making progress in Right Start Math.  He learned about the commutative property.  Actually, he already knew about it, he just knows what it’s called, now.  He investigated making larger rectangles and squares out of smaller rectangles and squares.



But that was boring, so he started making robots instead.


He read 2 books from level 3 of the I See Sam readers.

And he explored his own spin on theology.


After having a discussion with Daddy about Jesus dying on the cross and descending to open the gates of Hell, freeing the good souls that had been waiting there, Peter drew this.  It’s the waiting room where the souls are waiting.  The skeleton is reading a book because that’s what you do in waiting rooms when you are bored.  This is actually the bottom of a 3-panel picture.  The tippy top has a picture of heaven with a sign on it saying “W R Closd.”  Because the Resurrection hasn’t happened yet.

Emma is still waiting for the non-washable dry erase marker to wear off of her body.  But it’s fading.

Mary is reading Mary Poppins.  She’s learned addition with regrouping.  She is 2 steps away from finishing level 2 of All About Spelling---this is actually a source of a disagreement between us.  She thinks she shouldn’t have to do any more spelling for the rest of the year , but I think she’s wrong about that. ;0)

David read about John Cabot, read about the Battle of the Bulge, converted fractions into equivalent fractions, learned about averages, and found averages from data in a grid.  He’s reading My Royal Pain Quest.

He also played with Peter’s math manipulatives.


What is it with math manipulatives that makes everyone what to build with them?

We all experimented with gravity and mass using a Physics Quest kit that I forgot I had.

Overall, it was a busy, but good week.

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  1. Glad to hear Peter has his glasses~so cute!! ;-))

  2. Thank you, he seems to be adjusting pretty well to a clearer world. ;0)


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