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Monday, December 12, 2011

Mid-Year Curricula Look-See?

It’s December, that time of the year when many of us are taking a close look at our educational plans for the year, re-evaluating our chosen curricula after using it for several weeks, pondering next year, and some are even gearing up for a new “school” year within the next couple of months (yep, lots of homeschoolers don’t follow the traditional Fall to Summer schedule).

Sometimes you get to this point in the year and you just want to scream. Winking smile

And then there are times that your realize you’ve discovered some real gems and that all your tweaking and perseverance has been worth it.

It would be a shame to not share some of those gems, so I was thinking about doing some in-depth reviews this month of products that we purchased to use with the kiddos this year. Especially since some of the things we are using aren’t exactly mainstream or easy to find reviews on.

But, oy, December, not really the month I want to take on a big project.

Then I started pacing and talking with my hands and had a bigger idea.

I get big ideas sometimes. I don’t have a huge ego or anything like that, I just like to dream big. So here it goes…

What about making the month of January a Virtual Curricula Fair or a “Look-See” into how others really use things?

Reviews are great, and there are a ton of them on the internet, but I’m thinking of something a little different from listing the pros and cons of a product with bullet points and all.

Sometimes it helps, if you can’t actually handle or use the materials yourself before buying, to get a real peek into how people are using something in their own home. This might include:

  • pictures
  • video
  • a break down of what you a doing on what day of the week
  • which child you’re using it with
  • what parts of it appeal to that child and why
  • which child you definitely wouldn’t use it with and why
  • what parts you had to change or throw over
  • other resources you are using with it, even if they are by a competitor

This is very early planning stages, but here’s the basic idea: Each week in the month of January will be devoted to a particular subject area or group of subjects. The first week might be mathematics, the second language arts, and so on. I’m open to brainstorming.

I am looking for homeschoolers who are possibly interested in joining me by blogging an in-depth ‘Look-See” into how a particular part of their chosen curriculum fits into their children’s education. It can be a particular program that you love. It can be a book. It can be an ongoing project. It can a free resource you found on the web. It can be pretty much anything that somehow improves your homeschool. You can do more than one post or a series of posts if you want to participate during more than one week. I’d like to get together a “team” of participants.

There will not be a particular format you need to follow, how you write your post will be up to you. I only ask that it not be a sponsored post. You can write about something that you received as a reviewer from a vendor in the past, I only ask that this be a “several weeks later” (or even years later) and we are still using it, here’s why” kinda post. Link

I’m still thinking about the logistics. It would be super easy to just use a linky, but I think it might be better for this type of project to have everyone’s links embedded in the post. Still working that part out.

And you have time to think about it and work on it. We won’t be starting until January. But, if this sounds like something you’d like to participate in, leave me a comment here or send me an email (susanadale at gmail dot com). No commitment at this point, just measuring interest.

You'll find an update with all the details you need on the Virtual Curriculum Fair here.