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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Make Collector Boxes for Their Collections

So, your kids like to collect rocks, or seashells, or buttons, or seeds, or whatever…and you’re tired of stepping on the durn things and slipping across the floor? 

It’s time for each the kiddos to have his or her very own collection box.  And all it takes is an empty egg carton and a few supplies you probably have on hand.


044This can be a gift you make for them, or easy craft project they do for themselves.  There’s a lot of flexibility, use what you have.  I’ll tell you what I used and give you some alternative suggestions.


You will need:

  • 1 clean, dry egg carton---I used an 18 ct styrofoam one, but you could use the paper kind, a 12 ct, or even a 6 ct.
  • scissors
  • tacky glue
  • paper to make your labels.  I used sticker paper that I printed with my inkjet because I happened to have it.  You could use decorated scrapbook paper, magazine cut-outs, plain paper decorated with kid drawings, whatever you like.  Be creative, create a collage or even add some 3-D elements.
  • optional:  a paper cutter can come in handy for straight cuts, but it’s not crucial
  • optional:  clear contact paper can add a glossy finish and make your label more durable.  I don’t happen to have any at the moment, so I didn’t use it.

Here’s what you do:

  • Decide how you want to decorate your box.  This will be influenced by the shape of your box top (there are many different styles).  The carton I used has 2 areas just under 5” square. so I printed two 4-1/2” squares with rounded corners on sticker paper and cut them out.  039040But take a look at yours and see how you’d like to cover it.  Maybe it has long, skinny areas instead.  A row of single seashells would be neat at the bottom of this one:046
  • I used pictures from this website.  They are free for personal use and there are plenty of other sources of free pics online (just make sure you have permission to use them!).  But, kid art, magazine cut outs, scrapbook paper and anything else you can think of will work just as well. 
  • Add your child’s name or a title for the collection, a poem or verse, whatever you like. 
  • For the interior of the box, I cut and pasted 2 cardstock squares to cover the nutritional information.  043I used a light colored cardstock so the words wouldn’t show through.  You could create a special label of some kind, or decorate these, too, but I chose to leave them plain for recording info about the collection.
  • Optional:  Cover the labels on the outside of the box with clear contact paper for durability.

And you are done, enjoy!

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  1. That is a great idea! I am new to your site and liking it very much. Keep up the great work.


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