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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Fitness Kick-Off Team, week 2: Cutting out the Whine!

The Legacy of Home

My report after the second week of the Fitness Kick-Off Team!

Sometimes what you need is a kick in the pants and a change of attitude.

My physical limitations have continued this week, but I’ve been better about pushing myself to get active. And you know what? It really hasn’t been bad. Last week, walking was a challenge. I just couldn’t do it.

This week, I decided I was going to get moving, period. Instead of making things worse (has in the past), the activity actually helped give me some relief this time.

So here’s a summary of what I did this week:

  • Didn’t get outside very much, unfortunately, due to sick kiddos, but Sunday I had a brisk walk to and from Church.
  • Did 20-30 minute workouts with the Wii Fit Plus 3 times this week.
  • Drank 5-7 glasses of water each day.
  • Drank no more than 2 cups of regular tea or coffee each day (my old habit was about 3-4 strong cups of tea a day, sometimes a cup of coffee as well).
  • I do sometimes have a cup of decaf in the afternoon or with dinner
  • Computer: oh, this was a big BIG fail. Don’t ever brainstorm a big month long blog event when you’re trying to cut down on your computer time. Seriously. But the planning stages are DONE, so I am planning to cut way back next week.

What did I learn?

That my attitude makes a big difference.

Drinking enough water when I’m out and about is a challenge…and I need to solve it.

And that while my weight is in a good range and I’m a little svelter than Christmases past (I can fit perfectly into an 8 year old dress that I’ll be wearing to a Christmas party this evening…with no gap-o-sis!), I am SO out of shape! My calves are not at all happy with me. And getting out of bed this morning made me feel like a crochet-y old woman. My muscles need a little rest, so this evening will be for dancing only. ;0)

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  1. You're doing great!!

    I spent most of today doing extra walking, even when I could have had the children do things for me. It definately helps!

  2. Great week! You will get stronger each week and then one day it will be easy to exercise. I'm glad you're feeling better. As I get stronger those times get easier.

  3. Sounds like you had a successful week. Your computer comment seriously made me laugh. Praying you have a good week coming up!


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