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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Week of Mondays

There are days when it seems like nobody can get themselves together.

And then there are whole weeks like that.  Ouch!

Not saying it was a bad week, it really wasn’t.  We are all alive, healthy and fed, with a good roof over our heads and oil in the furnace tank.  We are very thankful for all that we have. 

But it would be dishonest to say that the week went by without a hitch.  Or a grumble.  Or even an all out tantrum.  And that was just me.   The kiddos?  Oh boy.

I finally figured it out, though…it was the mid-semester hump!  You see, with a few minor hiccups here and there, we’ve pretty much been trucking along since the beginning of the school year.  We’d gotten into a groove,.  I was starting to think I could do this thing.  No sweat.  I’m all powerful Mama, right?

Uh, not.

I think it all started to fall apart when I went downstairs one night last week to put in a load of laundry and discovered…

…a snake in the basement!


I admit it.  Snakes give me the heebie jeebies.  Yeah, we’ve studied them.  I know they aren’t evil or slimy or anything.

But my skin is still crawling just thinking about it.

I just couldn’t stand to go down to the basement.

I know, I’m a wimp.

Our laundry got backed up a bit. 

Though, to the untrained observer?  Probably not really noticeable.  I seem to have a resident pile of laundry on the sofa or easy chair at any given mo.

Move on to obsessive Mama dealing with finishing up Halloween costumes (while Daddy is out of town for 3 days, no less) for kiddos who don’t know how to be mainstream-readily-accessible-at-Walmart-type-things (do you even know who A’Sharad Hett is?), or even readily printed off the internet type things (can you believe that nobody NOBODY has designed a paper mask of a Stars Wars Royal Imperial Guard…oh,if you have a few months you can create a 3-D mask…but who has enough time or caffeine for that? 

Not even a cheapo plastic mask you can buy, just the $200+ adult professional costume edition, geesh!)…psst, I did end up creating one. 

A paper mask that is.  Pity I don’t have a working scanner to upload it for ya…if I ever have one again, I’ll post it.  Don’t get me started on why I don’t having a working scanner.  Or printer, for that matter---I think this is actually a good thing, I’ve been learning how to get by without printing things so our only paper deluge these past few weeks have been caused by kid drawings.  Yes, you can homeschool without a printer. 


A’Sharad Hett, of course, had to have real(looking---I won’t trust my 11-year-old with sharp objects coming out of his head, even once he does earn his totin’ chip) spikes coming off of his head.  I love duct tape (no I didn’t tape them to his head, isn’t he lucky?), but they looked great.  Hard to see here.


I’m not really complaining.  I like that the kiddos like to think outside of the box.  I just wish they didn’t always think Mama could do just about anything

Ok, I maybe I do want them to think that. Winking smile 

But they could give me a little more notice.

The girls are maybe not as imaginative.  That’s ok.  Even Mama’s special powers have their limits.


Move onto nobody getting enough sleep and being in a generally cranky mood and waking up to…hmmm, why aren’t the radiators even warm?

That would be the first day a furnace service tech paid a visit.

Followed by the day when his colleague paid a visit.

It’s an old, basically well-built furnace.  But you know, those little parts…well.

Let’s just say they cost more to replace than you might think.  And they seem to like to fail in pairs.

Sarcastic smile

And somehow having a guy dismantling things in your basement never will escape the attention of every child in the house.  Even if you had a guy dismantling things in your basement the day before.  Let’s say they were a wee bit distracted.  And miffed that we couldn’t just run off to the park.  Again. 

On Thursday, Emma had a regular well-child check.  She’s very healthy btw, and doing great.

It was just another interruption.  Nobody wanted to get started that morning.  And then we couldn’t get anything finished.

By the time Friday came along, I’d given up.

So, we all have our off weeks…even if we didn’t mean to take them off.  That’s ok

There’s always something definitely worth remembering.

And I refuse to feel guilty.  Ok, the perfectionist in me wants to feel guilty.  But the realist in me knows that sometimes you just have to…

…blow off some steam. 

Take a deep breath.  Regroup.

And get over trying to be perfect. 

We all have our unproductive days we’d like to forget about.  Not really horrible days, just days we couldn’t seem to get it together. 

But that’s only one side of it.  Much as I might want to forget about the things I didn’t like about this week, there are other things I do want to remember.

In a bit I’m going to post about some of the unexpectedly delightful things my kiddos did this week that I will treasure

How was your week?

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  1. Oh, I know that feeling. You're just almost thinking about doing school when it's one more thing.


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