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Monday, November 28, 2011

Outdoor Nativity Set, a review

Outdoor Nativity Set Logo003

Years and years ago, my Grandpa used to make silhouettes out of wood and paint them black.  You know the ones I’m talking about. 

The silhouette of a man with a pipe, leaning against the side of a building. 

Or a dog chasing a cat up a tree.

They were the rage for awhile.   It seemed like every woodwork enthusiast had bought some patterns and set up shop.

They were cute.  But the paint would chip and fade.  The wood would warp or wear out after several seasons.

After a while they just didn’t look so good.

One of the owners of Teak Isle Manufacturing came across one of those silhouettes.  It was a nativity, painted white.  And he bought it.


But then he had an idea.  What if, instead of being made from plywood, it was made from marine grade plastic?  Because that’s what Teak Isle does best.  They manufacture marine grade goods that can stand up to the power of the ocean.  Certainly they could stand up to the wind, rain, sun and snow on the average front lawn.

And what if the set was designed to be be shipped (and stored) flat and easily assembled?


Maybe they could ship them all over the country.  And maybe they could save some jobs, because the economy was hard on family-owned Teak Isle. People just weren’t buying marine goods over the holidays.

And those employees had families to feed. was born, and not only did they save 8 jobs, they found themselves working overtime to meet the demand.  How’s that for American ingenuity?

I received the Holy Night Outdoor Nativity Set for review.  My set arrived on my doorstep in a flat box and I thought to myself:  what have I gotten myself into?

But, I’d been assured that this set was very easy to assemble (Outdoor Nativity Sets even include video instructions on their site), so I got brave and opened it up. 

I was pleasantly surprised.  I found full-color assembly instructions, all the parts I needed (including optional reinforcement pieces) and full-color instructions on how to repack the pieces into the box when it’s time to put it away after Christmas. 

How many times have you tried to stuff something back into the box it came in…only to find out it’s impossible, or that it’s going to take a few hours of tinkering?  So you give up and stuff it in a trash bag and shove it in a corner somewhere.

I’ll know exactly how to pack my Outdoor Nativity Set to keep it shipshape year after year.  Padding and bracing materials are included to keep it from sliding and bumping around.

Assembly was quite simple.  The pieces fit together almost like a 3-D puzzle (with no trick pieces).


Stakes and reinforcing hardware were included.



While the reinforcing hardware is optional, I recommend using it, especially if you get any wind.    The front pieces do bend some and I can see a hard wind lifting this whole thing off the ground without them.  Those metal rods go several inches into the ground, making my Nativity Set quite secure.

The nativity is fairly lightweight easily moved by one person, in spite of it’s bulk (don’t think I could say that about a wooden set).

The pieces are about 3/4” thick and have some flexibility to them (that’s actually handy for assembling on somewhat un-level ground).


The sheep are separate pieces to be positioned however you like.  Their feet are stake-shaped for easy placement.



Overall, I’m pretty impressed.  This is a classic style that won’t go out of fashion and I think I’ll be looking forward to years of wiping it down and packing it away for the next Christmas season.  The flat box should make it easy to store (good when storage space is at a premium).

The overall size (50” high to the top of the star) fits nicely, even in our smallish yard (larger sets are available).  And I can add more pieces later, if I want (they have angels, shepherds, and more).

Best of all, in spite of being made from plastic, it doesn’t look at all plastic-y!  We’ve all seen tacky plastic nativities…and this isn’t one of them.  I like it a lot.  And I love that it’s made in the USA.

The Holy Night Nativity Set sells for $149.50 direct from Outdoor Nativity Sets.

Also available: 

Please visit Outdoor Nativity Sets for more info and pricing.

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Disclosure:  I received this product for free in order to facilitate my review.  I received no compensation and was not in any way obligated to pen a positive review.  As always, the opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. This is truly beautiful! What great features to fold flat and not have paint to chip!

  2. Very pretty and GLAD for your review~we love it!


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