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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mama on Heelys? Really?!


Yep, I’ve officially lost it.

When this box landed on my doorstep, my husband asked (with a grin), “For you?  Aren’t you the one who forgot how to ride a bike?”

Um, well, let’s just say that when Heelys offered me the opportunity to have either me (they have adult sizes now!) or one of my kiddos try out their shoes…I chickened out.

Somehow, braving the wheels just seemed a whole lot easier than explaining to my 4 darlings that only one of them would get a pair of their own wheels.

Winking smile

Then there was the fact that in my mind I’m still a svelte, 20-something, perfectly balanced gal (um, yeah, I’ve never been svelte or perfectly balanced, but we all have fantasies, right?)…not a 40-year-old clutz who’s center of gravity slowly disappeared (or at least forgot it’s proper place) somewhere between carrying and birthing kiddos #2 and #3.

A disclaimer:  I don’t mean to imply that Mamas of multiple kiddos have no center of gravity or sense of balance…only that my own maternal history did nothing to improve mine.  I would be the kid who tripped over the hurdles in PE class.  And the Mama who actually tripped and fell backwards over a sandbox while video taping my little angel.  My feet just don’t seem to know they belong under me.

But I thought:  One wheel under each heel?  I can always put my toes down to catch myself.  How hard can it be?


Then I saw how small the wheels actually look.  Eeeps!

Heelys come with safety tips (safety is obviously important to this company and they highly recommend wearing a helmet, plus elbow and knee pads---I need some of those) and instructions for installing your wheels.

OK, I’m going to say it.  The installation instructions leave a lot to be desired.

026Um, yeah, I’m going to make a fist and pound a hard rubber wheel into a bracket.  Up against a soft shoe.  Take my word for it, this does not work.  It would kinda defy all the laws of physics and the real world if it did.

What does work is to pop the wheel into the bracket, then turn the shoe right-side-up and press down on a hard surface, like a hard floor or countertop.  One side will click in place, then press down again and the other side will snap in place.

I was not able to pop the wheels out following their instructions, either.


I did break a nail, though.  I suspect there’s  a much easier way to do this.  Or maybe, since they are new, mine are just a bit stiff.  But I’m not planning to use these for just walking around, anyway.

Heelys sure do make my big-ish feet (I wear a ladies size 10) look smaller.  Yeah!



Not a bad looking shoe.  I received the black and red Edge for review, which retails for about $55.  Made of rip-stop nylon, you might expect these to be flimsy.  Not at all, the construction is actually quite substantial.


You can see the padding in this pic.

The insoles are nothing much, though, no contour.

Fit-wise, they are ok.  Heelys only come in whole sizes.  I wear a 10, not a 10-1/2 or a 9-1/2.  I received the mens9/ladies10 size and they fit me length-wise with no room to spare.  If you wear a 10-1/2, you’d probably want to go up a size.  Stick with a 10 if you are a 9-1/2.

I’m difficult to fit when it comes to shoes, because my arches are a little on the high side and I can’t stand to have anything tight against the top of my foot.  Being a tie shoe, it was easy to adjust Heelys to fit me ok, but I needed to have the laces pretty loose and the shoe itself seems on the shallow side, but having the laces loose means that the heel slips on me a bit.

OK, so you’re wondering, can I Heel?

After 2 weeks of watching the Heely 101 vids and surreptitiously practicing in my wide-ish upstairs hallway (hardwood floor)---what, you didn’t think I was going to learn in front of the kiddos and let them laugh at me, did ya?  Some of my “Super Mama” powers might wear off---I can say that I still haven’t got it.

Here’s where the trouble lies:  I can’t seem to balance on my heels.  Period.  Doing it on wheels?  Ha ha!

After 2 weeks of trying:

But I’m NOT giving up.  I’m not a quitter.  And I’ve never let an inanimate object beat me, yet.  And winter is the perfect time to do this since I can wear long clothes to cover my bruises (wink).

I did finally cave and let the 2 older kiddos try my Heelys.  Even though their tootsies are several sizes smaller than mine, I was able to tie the shoes tight enough to fit them both comfortably

David (age 11) gave it a shot for about 15-20 minutes in the upstairs hallway.  He had a spectacular fall (not hurt, though), but he’s getting it already.  And keeps begging to try again.

Mary (age 7) loved the Heelys.  Even though she was clinging to me for dear life and her feet just seemed to want to go as far away from her as possible, she had an absolute blast.  Even when she fell down.

Proof that my kiddos are made of different, more durable stuff than me (wink).

I just might take advantage of Heelys’ Black Friday Special:   Between Nov. 25th and 28th, if you order one pair of Heelys at full-price, you can pick up an 2nd pair for only 25 bucks.  Or get a Nano (mini-skateboard type attachment) and get your Heelys for 25 bucks.  Plus free ground shipping.  Remind me to get up early and order before they sell out.

For more info on Heelys, including Heeling,safety tips, purchasing info, and locations to buy, please visit the Heelys website.

Disclosure:  Heelys sent me a free pair of their shoes to try out and review.  I get to keep the shoes, and all it cost me was being honest about my experiences with them in front of the entire blogosphere.  The opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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  1. You are one brave Mama! It sounds kinda fun though! I've seen kids zoom through the grocery store on these, but it never occurred to me they'd make adult sizes.


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