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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Funky, Furry Scarf Tutorial

Today I’m going to show you how to make this scarf with eyelash yarn.


This is a 10 minute project.  No foolin’!

You will need 24 yards of eyelash yarn (see the video for what that looks like) for one 5-foot scarf.  I have it looped around my neck twice here, and I’m not short (5’7”), so you may want to make it shorter for a shorter gift recipient. ;0)

Most eyelash yarn comes approximately 50 yards to a skein, so you can get 2 scarves from one skein.  I paid about $3 for the skein I used in the video.  $1.50 for a high fashion scarf?  Who can beat that?  (Edited to add: prices will vary by area and store, but you should be able to find something between $3 and $5 a skein. Take advantage of those holiday sales!)

The winner of the Handmade Holidays Giveaway will receive the scarf pictured here, plus several other prizes.


  1. Hey! I went to get the yarn and saw none for $3.00! I need to return with a coupon. The place I went is filled with very unhelpful mean women and when I commented about finding a cheaper bundle, I thought one gal was going to spit in my face. Seriously. Can't wait to make this, just need to get the stuff.

    Love this week on your blog, but still think you're nuts! In a good way of course.

  2. Try Walmart, if you have one nearby with a craft section. I saw eyelash yarn there the other day for $3.50, I think. I already HAD the yarn in the vid, so I haven't really been pricing the stuff lately. But I only buy yarn at craft stores if it's on sale. Or I have one of those 40% to 50% off coupons. If I had come up with this idea and gotten the tutes together before all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales...oh well!

    But even if you ended up paying $5 a skein, that would still be $2.50 a scarf. I wouldn't pay more than that, though, because you can definitely get it for that price or lower.

    I can't stand rude sales people. I don't know who they think pays for their jobs. Seriously.

  3. Hey Susan, Thanks for that tutorial. I just finished making one. I would like it to be thicker and was thinking about just doubling what you recommended. What do you think? Thanks again. BTW...Great video!

  4. Kalaya,
    Yes, you could double it. You could even mix different colors of yarn for a different effect. Try mixing a variegated with a solid, or 2 solids together.


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