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Monday, November 21, 2011

Conquering Math Facts

I mentioned awhile back that David (age 11) was being stumped by the multiplication facts.

He would learn them. And then forget them. He has difficulty transferring info from his longer short-term memory to his long-term memory, if you catch my drift?

So we’ve been investigating different ways of knowing things. And I think we’ve found something that works for him. Yeah!

It’s so simple, I had to share.

001Flashcards! How simple is that?!

You’ll notice, though, that his flashcards have the answers written on the front. And in full-color. If you give someone with a photographic memory a flashcard with a blank answer, when they close their eyes they see a problem with no answer.

He takes each card in turn, holds it above his eye level so he has to raise his eyes, looks at the problem, then closes his eyes and pictures it in his head as he saw it, answer and all.

He feels a little silly holding cards above his head.

Silliness transforms it into something other than just a boring chore.

Silliness smothers the feeling that maybe he is broken.

Silliness is good. We like silliness.

I only give him a handful of facts at a time. As he feels he has mastered them, he moves those facts into another pile. And I add a new handful of facts.

The next day I give him a little quiz on just the facts he has mastered.

And he knows them. I know he knows them, because if I cover any of the terms on the flashcard, he can tell me the missing term. If I ask him on paper, he can do it.

And he can finally divide as easily as he can multiply.

So I had to share. He’s not through, yet. He doesn’t know them all, yet.

But he’s getting there. And he doesn’t feel like a dummy.

And that’s a triumph.


Are any of your kiddos having difficulties learning? What tips and tricks have you discovered to help them in your homeschool?

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  1. I really like that idea. Great observation about not seeing the answer because it's so easy to get stuck memorizing the problem!


  2. This is a great idea and I think I will make some of these for James and Isaac. Did you make these? Where did you find such long cards?

  3. @Modest Mama---Yes, I made them (good way for me to review my multiplication facts, too ;0).

    They are 4"x6" index cards, which I prefer to the little 3"x5" ones. You can also get 5"x8" cards. I think I got them at Walmart.


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