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Saturday, October 29, 2011

What Happened to Our Week in Review?

Weeks back, when I came back to blogging, I started reporting on our week in review and linking it up to Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers’ Weekly Wrap-up

It seemed like the thing to do, being a homeschool blog and all.  And I’d been feeling guilty for awhile for not being more consistent about reporting our homeschool adventures (or lack thereof).  It was something I wanted to do.  And that I felt I should do.

A couple weeks back, my husband saw me struggling over my weekly post and sweating over all the OTHER stuff that I wanted to talk about but never seemed to have the time to talk about.

Stuff that didn’t really fit into the already expanding and growing weekly post.  The post that had bits and pieces of the things I really wanted to talk about creeping in and making it grow.  And grow.  The 1000+ word post that the average visitor probably wouldn’t bother to plow through anyway. 

And he said, “If you’re not enjoying it, don’t do it.”

And my first thought was that I needed to do this.  For me.

It is nice to have a series of posts to look back on that show me exactly what we did each week.  I can see at a glance that we really did do something.  Lots of somethings.

And that can be a good way to head off the end of the year regrets that sometimes hide the good stuff from your memory.

Last year was a hard homeschool year for me.  Lots of doubts.  Lots of regrets.  Lots of feeling inadequate.

Lots of feeling I had totally messed up.

The weekly reviews do buck me up a bit.  No matter how the rest of this year goes, these weeks have been a smashing success.  Not because we finished every assignment and fulfilled every expectation.  Because we didn’t.

But because we really learned some things, both about the things we were actually studying and about ourselves.  And that makes it all worth it.

And I know it was worth it.  That’s something I wasn’t so sure about last year.

But last week I was thinking…I really really really want to post some other stuff.

It’s hard when you’ve agreed to only blog on the weekend.  You jot down little notes through the week.  Then Saturday comes.  You look at your pages.  And pages.  And pages of notes.

And you say:  “AAAAHHH!”

And then you throw in a few product review posts you agreed to do.

Double “AAAAHHH!”

I figured out once that if I scheduled a post a day, I already had enough ideas to fill up an entire month of blog posts.  Not including the review posts.  And the weekly wrap-ups.  And they just kept on coming.

There aren’t enough hours on the Weekend to get all that writing done and even if there were, my family would hate me and my blog if I tried.  Unless I found a way to make money at it…nahh, they’d still hate it.

Last Saturday I went a little overboard.  I spent half the day on my blog while the kids and hubby were visiting the Grands.  And more time on Sunday.  I got up something like 5 or 6 daily posts for the week.  I think every time my family saw me I was in front of the computer.  Or fixing dinner.  And it totally wasn’t worth it.

And then this week end came.  And I said to myself:  “I do not want to do that week in review post.  I don’t even want to post about any of those things on my list.”

And so I didn’t.  It’s easy to rebel against yourself, isn’t it?

And I threw away the list of ideas.  Ok, not really.  But I’m going to.

Because I was going about it wrong.  Or not really wrong, just not in a way that was right for me.

So I’m changing things up a bit.  Reexamining my motives.  Not saying you won’t see another Week in Review on Homeschooling Hearts & Minds.  Just saying it will be on my own time.

And what are the kiddos doing while I type this at 9:41 pm Saturday night, you ask?

Watching Elton John on season 2 of The Muppet Show.

Can you believe it:


Wow, I need some shades.

Here’s what the kiddos thought:



  1. Great thoughts. I really like how you worked this out. I have been rethinking my first blog and how I have evolved to writing more about other subjects than my original plan.

  2. We're ever evolve in our minds, why not in our blogs. ;0)


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