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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our Week in Review: Week 5

For a list of the curricula we are using this year, please visit my 2011-2012 Curriculum page.

All together

Classical Studies: We read about Joseph being his reunited with his father and brothers, and his eventual death in Egypt. We met Ares and Athena. And the Tarquins.

Art Appreciation: We added Winslow Homer (American, 1836-1910) to our timeline.


Homer was known for his watercolors, though he often painted the same subject in oils. Here’s a look at our art timeline so far.


I’ve always wanted to do some form of art appreciation, and this is the first year we are really doing it.When I suggested to hubby that we convert our, ahem, rather ugly living room wall into an art timeline and plaster it all over with art prints, he was all for it! For each artist we explore, the children pick some of their favorite works by that artist. I print and laminate them, and we add them to our wall.


We add a map of where the artist was born and resided from Wondermaps.


The children are enjoying looking closely at a few prints by each artist, plus comparing one artist’s works to another’s.

Social Studies: We ended up skipping local geography this week due to the weather---everything around here is a marsh due to the rain that just keeps coming and coming. I’ll post sometime about what we’ve done so far, I think it’ll give you some ideas.

Individual studies:


Social Studies: David’s trucking along in Mapping the World with Art. He enjoys the readings, is not so keen on summarizing what he read, but absolutely loves drawing the maps.

Math: Life of Fred Fractions, chapters 6 & 7, Math-It Dubblit game (both doubling and halving).

Greek: Slow but sure, he does one page a day, plus reviews with flashcards.

English: This week we finished unit 2 of Write with the Best, vol. 1, which culminated in writing a descriptive paragraph about a place. While the unit went ok (with some modifications and allowances for individuality), I’m feeling that I’m going to need to make further modifications if we continue to use it. Or switch to something else. Or just do it myself. ;0)

So, we are going to change things a bit for the month of October. As both David and Mary will be participating again in National Novel Writing Month (they’re both very excited!), we’re going to take a break from Write with the Best and use the NaNoWriMo workbooks to get ready. We may start Grammar Made Easy early (I was planning to do it in the Spring).

Music: Music Ace session 3.

Art: Started the second lesson in Artistic Pursuits.

PE: Soccer was cancelled all this week due to rain. Playing in rain they often do, but the fields are marshes.

Personal interests: David is developing a board game. The rules are still being worked out completely, but he’s designed a game board and playing pieces. If it works out, I’ll see if he’s willing to share it as a download. He’s also reading up on ancient Mesopotamia and planning to create a model demonstrating some of their architecture. Did you know they used buttresses? Oh, and he baked us coffee cake for breakfast one morning.



Math: Jump Math is going well, although Mary objects to the use of drawn manipulatives almost as much as she objects to real manipulatives.

Spelling: Completed Step 9 of All About Spelling Level 2.

Guitar: Practicing 2 new chords.

PE: Dance class.

Personal interests: In addition to plenty of free reading, she’s been working on jewelry making and finishing up a set of plastic needlepoint napkin rings. And washing baby doll clothes (a salad spinner works pretty well as a makeshift mini washing machine).


She also let me try a fishtail braid in her hair,


and practiced her magic tricks in preparation for Peter’s birthday party (her show was a big hit!).


Reading: Silent “e” and double “e.” He read a new Starfall reader, and 2 new I See Sam readers, and worked on some spelling worksheets.

Math: Partitioning 10 with Right Start math.

Personal interests: Peter’s number 1 personal interest is drawing and he spent plenty of time doing just that. He also designed an alien coloring page just for YOUR kiddos (click on the pic to download it as a pdf):

alien coloring page

And we finished out the week with Peter’s 6th birthday party!


Yes, those are Lego Star Wars Imperial Guards all over his cake.


I’ll post a little how-to on how to make this cake (you can use this technique for ANY theme) in a few.

Peter was happy to be able to share his party with his Great Grandma, who will be 89 in just a few days.



Practiced taking her clothes off. And putting them back on inside out. And taking them off, again.

Discovered that she loves Tux Paint.

Insisted that “I not draw marker on I self, I draw on paper,” then proceeded to draw all over both her hands and feet.

While I think she’s a lefty, she sometimes used both of her hands and her feet.


She even figured out how to open Angry Birds on her own.

And she loved getting dressed up for the party. Though she decided to greet her Grandparents in only her tights. ;0)028

‘Twas a good week. How was yours?


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