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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our 7th Week in Review: Revelations

Well, those other posts I mentioned I might get up didn’t happen. It seems my weekends are always getting away from me these days, but I don’t mind admitting that I spent my weekend hanging out with my family instead of writing about it. ;0)

And we didn’t end up going to the beach as we hoped, but we did have some fun times closer to home.

We started the week at Cunningham Falls Manor Park, where the kiddos climbed all over an immense playground built from wood and recycled tires, walk along a short nature trail in the woods, visit the turtle house, and giggle over a hawk pooping in the aviary.

Would you believe that I forgot the camera?

1st revelation: I should forget the camera more often. It’s easier to enjoy myself when I’m not worried about taking pictures..

Most of the rest of the week, it rained. ;0(

We took Thursday off and the Grands came out to play and help with a couple of minor house repairs.

Our homeschool studies this week:

Classical Studies: We started reading about the 10 Plagues, Artemis, and Horatius at the bridge.

Math: Mary is still zipping along with Jump Math, 2nd grade. As I promised her, it has gotten a little harder, but nothing she can’t handle.

Revelation 2: Mary is left-brain dominant. Worksheets don’t phase her. Just tell her how to do it and she will do it. DO NOT give her colorful manipulatives or ask her to draw blocks or anything like that. Seriously. Don’t do it!

David took the 2nd bridge (1st try) in Life of Fred Fractions. And had some difficulties. Once again, his learning difficulties got to him. He clearly understood the concepts. Concepts never give him trouble. But he’s forgotten some key procedures, like the steps involved in multiplying multiple digit numbers together.

Revelation 3: We already knew David has a learning glitch. Doing a multiple digit multiplication problem flawlessly one day does not guarantee he’ll remember how to do it the next day. This week I read an article by Diane Craft and realized David is right-brain dominant. He also has a photographic memory and auditory learning is a weakness for him. Not only does he need constant review, but he needs the material to be presented in a more visual way. Not manipulatives, necessarily, but a picture he can fix in his mind.

So, David and I have agreed he will be doing 5-a-days (this comes from Math on the Level, and is basically a 5 problem a day review) and daily flashcards. He needs the daily review to continue to cement the procedures and the math facts, even after he seems to have learned them. Because he has learned them. Repeatedly. But he can lose the information inside of a week.


Peter is slowly moving through RightStart Math book B.

Revelation 4: Peter’s slower pace is ok. He’s strong in mental math, but has trouble making the abstract jump to symbols. He just needs to move through this book more slowly than the suggested schedule.


Language Arts: Both Mary and David are working on ideas for their novels next month. Mary completed step 11 in All About Spelling Level 2 this week. Peter is still progressing slowly, but steadily, in reading.

Also this week: we learned about St. Therese of Lisieux, known as the Little Flower, at Little Saints. St. Therese is little Emma’s patron saint and an special favorite in our family.

Emma started singing everything to the tune of the Imperial March: “I want aunt su um milk ill ill ilk.”


We goofed around, built with Lego, played some games, knitted a doll blanket, and played the here-there-everywhere cross town hop for soccer practices, dance, and boy scouts.


And enjoyed this beautiful weekend.




‘Twas a good week. How was yours?

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