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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Make a Star Wars Imperial Guard Cake

016This should be titled:  How to make an awesome birthday cake when your artistic and cake-sculpting skills are lacking.

Recruit your kiddo to make a lasting keepsake! 

I’ve made some pretty imaginative cakes in the past,

birthday 016but I just couldn’t figure out how to do this one. 

One would hope there would be Imperial Guard action figures at the toy store….uh, nope. 

Or someone would have already made an Imperial Guard cake and posted a tutorial?  Uh, nope, again. 

The time factor was tripping me up, too.  I’m getting’ old…staying up into the wee hours of morning to perfect a cake just aint happening. 

I was envisioning sculpting a large cookie and creating umpteen shades of red frosting to create the 3-D depth of an Imperial Guard mask before putting it on top of the cake.  I even briefly thought about making oreo truffles shaped like Imperial Guard heads and dipping them in red candy melts.  Yeah, you know I’m crazy now, don’t ya?

But hubby talked me down.  He reminded me of the 3-D rubber ducky cake I made for David’s 1st birthday.  The one that ended up looking like a flattened Big Bird.  Nobody wants to repeat that embarrassment.

So I got an idea.  A reasonable idea.  I found this fantastic artwork of an Imperial Guard (it’s  available as part of a Star Wars wallpaper set here).  I converted the image in using the artistic affect “pencil sketch” and adjusted the “pencil tip size” and “range” until I had a very sophisticated looking coloring page. 


I printed it and Peter colored it to his liking.  Then I laminated it with my thermal laminator. 

The cake is a regular 9x13 one layer cake, smoothly frosted with chocolate frosting (I admit, I used a mix and canned frosting…shoot me!  It was super cheap on sale).  I let the frosting completely set (several hours, uncovered). 

Then I added the laminated sheet (a few small blobs of decorator icing on the back kept it in place) and edged it with red and black decorator icing.  The “armies” of Imperial Guards on the sides are just strips of mini prints of lego Imperial Guard minifigs.  Easy peasy. 

And Peter was thrilled.  Plus, since the artwork was laminated, it can be washed off.  It’s now hanging on his wall.  A true win.

Hard to photograph, but it really was cool.  Try this to personalize your own cake.  You can use photos or your own artwork. 

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