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Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Want a Camp Stove

The weather man told us to expect 6” of snow today.

So we planned to spend the day warm and snug indoors, with some hot chocolate, games and maybe even a movie.

Then I missed my hot chocolate moment.

Shortly before 3, the power went out

and everything was quiet,  And dark.

And cold.

And I was remembering reading The Long Winter to the girls.

And thinking, as much as I am thankful for all our modern conveniences,…

…they sure have ruined us for doing without.

What I wouldn’t do for Ma’s cookstove.

And knowing what to do with it.

What if we, like Laura and her family, were snowed in for months.

And had no electricity.

No access to food beyond what was in our larder.

No burnable fuel.  Or a place to burn it.

Surely we would starve (without the good will of others).  Or freeze to death.

I like to think that we would, through the grace of God, find a way to survive.

But would we?

Generally we don’t lose our power more than a few hours (this time is was a little over an hour, long enough for me to mull over this post before having computer access to type it).  But there’s always the chance, the possibility that the power won’t be coming back on in a bit.  Because catastrophes do happen.  And long, hard winters do happen.

I want a camp stove.  That’s what I want.

If only so I can boil some water for hot tea and heat up a can of soup..  Something to warm us up and fill our bellies as we snuggle under the blankets…

peter birthday 014…and read of imaginary (or real) worlds far from here.


And pray that the power comes back on.

Do you ever feel limited (or even helpless) because of our modern conveniences?


  1. Yes! So often. We've been spoiled by the conveniences we have (by 'we' I do mean mostly myself lol). I would love love love a wood stove. My husband grew up with one and my family had one off and on while I was growing up. I want that...and kerosene lamps.
    Yep, we've been spoiled and therefore it limits our creativity and if I think about it, really it limits our survival skills. Okay, perhaps I'm getting a little farfetched with that one...but I understand what you mean.

  2. I think maybe it does affect our survival skills.

    Ironically, in The Long Winter, Pa points to how "modern" conveniences (the train, using coal for the stove, kerosene for the lamp, pre- ground flour, etc.) has made it harder for them to survive when those things are taken away due to the weather and the train not being able to get through for several months.

    It seems even in those days modernization was both a boon and a curse. ;0)


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