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Monday, October 3, 2011

Free Daily Assignment Printable

I did it again. Sometime when I have a little more time on my hands (and it’s not the middle of the night, ahem), I’ll post about our current system for planning and assignments. The two older kiddos each have an assignment sheet that I write the day’s assignments on the night before. They’ve been doing really well with this. It helps keep them on task, even when Mama is busy with another child.

But, the assignment sheets I downloaded from are not an exact fit for us. I keep running out of blocks. So, I’m tinkering, again.

I was writing each day’s assignments in a different color of ink so the kiddos would have an easier time staying on the right day, but I thought maybe it would be easier if the day’s row was just a different color. We’ll try it.

So, here we go. These are proto-types, and I’m sure that I’ll make further mods, but feel free to use them and abuse them as you like.

Here’s the full-color version (click on the pic to access the pdf):

color assignment sheet preview

And here is the grayscale version (alternating days of white and light gray):

bw assignment sheet preview

How this works:

  • Each day has 10 assignment blocks and each block has a box for checking it off once that assignment is completed.
  • The heading can be used for subjects, type of assignment (independent, family study, read aloud, etc), chores, whatever works for you, or just leave them blank.
  • I write each individual, school-related thing I would like that child to complete that day on their assignment (I may add chores at some point).
  • I write the day’s assignments the night before.
  • I DO NOT fill out the whole week in advance. That would overwhelm my kiddos and things never ever turn out the way I plan them.
  • I don’t use every single box every single day, but...
  • once I’ve covered the basics, I like to stick fun stuff in any empty boxes.

This assignment sheet helps me to know we are getting the core stuff done. And the kids know when they are done and can have some free time. Having a visual goal to work toward has been a great motivator…and it takes up a lot less space than workboxes

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  1. Thanks very much for all the free planner pages. It's so kind and generous of you to share!!!!!


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