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Saturday, October 8, 2011

10 Life Lessons from My 2-year-old


1.  Falling into the potty first thing in the morning is no reason to give up.

2.  Neither is being less than 3 feet tall.  All obstacles can be overcome with a little help from well-placed chairs, toys, and banisters.

3.  That Mama needs to dust the top of the 6-foot high hall tree.

4.  Yes, you absolutely CAN snap your own onesie on your own body, if you possess super flexible toddler joints.  And you have a spare 5-10 minutes.

5.  That being super cute has its advantages

6.  What goes up will come down.  Unless it happens to land on a spinning ceiling fan, in which case it will fly across the room first.

6.  That Mama needs to dust the ceiling fan.

7.  You are faster than Mama and there’s no way she can catch you before you sprint across the marshy park and are up to your ankles in goo.

8.  That fresh grass clippings stick to goo.

9.  Wearing socks with those Crocs definitely would have been a good idea.

10.  Being the youngest means you’ve got the whole family wrapped around your little finger.

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