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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Our 2011-2012 Curriculum: 6th Grade


David is 11-1/2, a strong reader and interested in science, architecture and mapping.  In addition to our All Together studies and pursuing personal interests he will be studying:

Language Arts--- Write with the Best, Volume 1,  Grammar Made Easy,  and Editor in Chief, plus tons of independent reading.

Math---Life of Fred, Fractions.  David’s challenge area is arithmetic.  He has memory issues and slight spatial issues (keeping his numbers in columns, for instance---I love quad-ruled paper!), so in addition to Fred, we will be working hard on reviewing arithmetic procedures and cementing multiplication and division facts with Math-It and math games.

History and Geography---Mapping the World with Art

Reasoning---Narration and Mind Benders Book 3

Art--- Artistic Pursuits,, grades 4-6 Book 1

Languages--- Greek Code Cracker, he may start Latin for Children Primer A later this year.

PE--- Soccer

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