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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Raising Kids: Enjoy the Ride

It wasn’t long ago that little Emma was calling big Sis “Mew-Mew,” David “Dee-Dee,” and Peter “Pee-Boo.”

I thought Mary was going to cry the day that her baby sister called her “Mare-Wee” for the first time. It was the end of something, and she fought it hard. She didn’t want to stop being “Mew-Mew.”

Our children change every minutes before our very eyes. Sometimes the changes are so subtle that we don’t notice them. And as the years go by, it’s easy to forget about all the little things we loved before they grew up. We forget that they ever were different from the way they are now.

I just wanted to give you a gentle parenting reminder: record the memories. Take pictures, write down your thoughts, take videos and audio recordings, make some kind of a permanent record (at least as permanent as an earthly record can be), because while God’s memory is perfect, human beings’ memories often become dim.

And along the ride, enjoy it. Appreciate your kiddos’ mastery of irony as they pepper the conversation with puns. Find a special place to save at least some of those energetic boyhood drawings. And don’t mind the divots in the yard so much, or the occasional broken plate, or the surplus decibels, because some day, you will miss all of that.


At least, I know I will. Be right back

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  1. So true Susan. Thanks for the reminder :) It also grieves me when a little one learns the correct way of saying something.

  2. When Nate was 11? we turned off our home phone and got a "Home Cell Phone". We let him record the voice mail message. Now, at 13, his voice has changed dramatically, his speech, the deepness, the thoughtfulness in his articulation. I like calling that cell phone just to hear what he sounded like on his last days of true boyhood. sigh. Reminds me, I need to figure out a good way to record it on my computer.


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