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Thursday, June 16, 2011

2 FREE Resources for Your Kindle, 1 for Your Nook

Resource # 1

When my hubby presented me with a brand-spanking-new Kindle last fall, the first thing I did was crack open the onboard manual.

I’m not normally a manual girl.  I much prefer to just check new technology out and blunder into discover features by instinct, tempered by experience. 

But an e-reader was a new animal to me.  Not a pda.  Not a mini pc.  Not a digital organizer.  A remarkable, different animal.

So I cracked open the manual and proceeded to read the first few dozen pages/locations.  And after the manual repeated itself for the umpteenth time and I hadn’t even scratched the surface, I called it quits and reverted back to my instinct, tempered by experience.

While the manual is helpful, it’s certainly not succinct.

So, understandably, I’m stumbling over new (to me) features all the time.   Translation:  Forgive me if you already know about this one, but I was so excited to find out about it, I had to share.Open-mouthed smile

While you can read pdfs on the Kindle, you can also easily convert those pdfs to Kindle format in one easy step:

  1. Email your pdf to your Kindle as an attachment (the addy is usually something like and put the word CONVERT in the subject line.

Assuming you have Wi-Fi (or 3G) access, the file will soon arrive to your Kindle, gloriously formatted to display so you can adjust the font size, etc, instead of a 8.5”x11” pdf shrunk down to a little screen!  The file I tested this on even had illustrations, and all but one of them displayed perfectly.

I stumbled onto this tip totally by accident on a comment thread somewhere (I think it was Simply Charlotte Mason).

Resource #2 (this one’s for other e-readers, including the Nook!)

You probably already know about all the great FREE e-books you can download from Project Gutenberg, but did you know that you can download The Magic Catalog of Project Gutenberg E-books to your Kindle and use it to gain instant access to any of those e-books?  It’ll save you the trouble of downloading to your computer and transferring to your e-reader.

Download the Magic Catalog and send it to your Kindle (you want the Mobi version, ePub is also available for the Nook and other e-readers). Open it on your Kindle, click on a title in the file, and (as long as you have Wi-Fi or 3G access) the Magic Catalog will send that book to your Kindle via Whispernet.  Totally FREE. 

The only drawback:  the books don’t seem to be organized by title or author.  I suspect they are by order in which the books were added to the catalog.  But, if you are looking for something specific, just use the search function on your e-reader.  Or enjoy browsing the catalog, you never know what you might find.

Have you found any neat ways to better use your e-reader? 

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