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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Did She Drop Off the Face of the Earth?

It’s been a little quiet around the old blog lately.  I haven’t even posted any kid pics (I have an excuse for that, my camera is DOA). 

I could pretend that I’ve been super busy doing real stuff

Like doing some spring cleaning. 

Or even getting my kitchen island de-cluttered. 

Or that we’d gone somewhere on a lovely trip.

But that wouldn’t be true.  I’ve just been sadly lacking in the motivation department, both here and in real life.  

The real life problem?  That’ll pass.  Some of the daily challenges of parenting are getting me down.  It’s just another season.  A rainy season.  A muddy season.  Can you tell we are potty training?  I hate potty training.  I consider it a necessary evil, lol.

Our homeschool is undergoing some changes, too, I’ll post about that in a bit. 

I’m sick, again.

The wet weather doesn’t help much, there.  We are expecting more rain.  I’m very thankful for our sump pump.

See?  Passing things.

But the blog thing.  I’m having some serious doubts about the blog.  There was a time when I just blogged and didn’t really care if anyone read it.  And then I started to care a bit and found myself wanting to reach out to other mothers.  Share some smiles.  Some woes.  Maybe actually add some quality content to the world wide web community.  Maybe gain some more followers.

But I’m definitely a very tiny fish in a very huge pond.  Not that I want to be a big fish.  This blog was never meant to be a money-maker and I haven’t made a single cent off of it (or tried to). 

I see all the blogs out there, even just the homeschool blogs (wow!)and wonder “do you really have anything to contribute?”  Life is too short to read 100 blogs a day, or even 10.  The web is full of words.  What is the point of mine? 

Why spend hours carefully crafting blog post after blog post to say just what I want to say, just to be slammed for being honest or ignored for being, well, let’s face it, unknown.  What do I get out of it?  What does my family get out of it?  The words I write here could be just as easily written in a private journal, or even a private blog with access restricted to my friends.

Unless I honestly have something to contribute, something to make the blogosphere a better place (and I’m not sure that I do), what is the point in putting myself out there to be spammed and poked at?

I’m stubborn, though.  I might not always have the follow-through to get something done, but at least I don’t just let it go without a fight.  I could just revert to writing only for myself, but I’m not feeling led that way.  So some changes are coming. 

After May, you’ll notice that the number of reviews will severely drop off.  This is not really a review/giveaway blog, though I do like doing reviews, and giveaways can be fun. 

After 3 years on the The Old Schoolhouse’s Homeschool Crew, I decided not to try out for another year.  It was time to retire.  While our family has been abundantly blessed by having the opportunity to review so many different homeschool curricula, the Crew was also a source of some of our frustrations this year.  Not the Crew itself, mind you, it’s simply time for our family to move on.  We need to do something different.

I don’t think that reviews are my niche.  There are so many review blogs out there.  My Blogger dashboard is full of review posts by other bloggers.  Sure, people want to read about something before they buy it.  And, sure, they like to win stuff.  But the web is so saturated with reviews, I can’t possibly compete with that.  I’m never going to be a mega-blogger.  And that’s actually great (I’d never be able to deal with all the email and scrutiny, lol)!

So if a review opportunity comes along that I like and fits with my interests, I’ll take it (and you know I’m honest, I’ll tell you what I really think)---anyone got a new camera they want me to review?  Anyone (wink)?

But I won’t be seeking them out.  My focus is going to be changing.  I’m seeking a real niche.  Not anything big, just something that’s mine.  There are so many homeschool blogs out there, so many truly wonderful blogs, so I’m looking to answer the question:  “What in particular do I have to offer that’s different?”  Because I want to serve you, because being of service makes it worthwhile.

While posting random thoughts might get them out of my little noggin, there’s a limit to how many random thoughts anyone’s going to read in a given day.  But I think there’s something I can give you that will make it worth it to read the randomness.  I do.  There’s something I plan to give you later this week (if I can find the time to put the finishing touches on it). 

I think you’ll like it.  I hope you’ll like it.  And if you don’t, hey take what you can use and you know the rest.

It’s spring!  What changes have you been thinking about making lately?


  1. I 'get it' and so moved...HUGS!

  2. I think you put into words what this homeschool blogger feels like these days. Hey, but at least you have followers and readers. Nonetheless, you do have to ask yourself, "What's the point? Why am I doing this?" These are the questions I'm asking. It would be easier to answer these questions if I were making money blogging, but at $0.30 a day it is lame. Na she didn't drop off the face of the earth, she is just looking over the edge.



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