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Thursday, April 14, 2011

On “Germination”?

Gardening can be a fun and fulfilling way of both feeding your family, and teaching your kiddos more about plants and where food comes from.

Today we were starting some seeds inside (yes, I know, I’m a bit late this year, eternal procrastinator that I am), so we also spent a little time on Gwen Nicodemus’ Seeds study.

Here’s what the boys had to say about germination:


David (age 11), not in his best handwriting


Peter (age 5), in his best handwriting

I think we got the German nation part down.

I’m pretty impressed that my 5-year-old remembers how to say “German” in German.

Lest you worry that my boys are forever damaged due to a lack of understanding about how plants grow, let me assure you…they know. They really do.

They’re just trying to prove that they know more than I do. ;0)

At least I know they’re using their brains.


  1. Oh I can so relate! Thanks for the smile this morning, those were just too funny. :)

  2. "When Germany gets to be a huge nation" Ha. Yes, I see those answers often on papers. It cracks me up. I love my boys.

  3. Funny! My boys love to pick at me too.

    Hey, and better late is better than never. Enjoy your garden.


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