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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Missionary, a review

The Missionary

David wants to do more. 

He witnesses the suffering.  Every day. 

He watches children on the streets of Caracas, Venezuela succumb to disease, hunger, and despair.  Every day. 

He wants to save them all.  But he can’t. 

He wants to bring back each of these precious little ones to the mission he and his wife run, Hope Village.  He wants to give them all hope. 

He wants to save them all, but there’s simply not enough money, not enough resources, not enough…

…and then a unique opportunity presents itself.  Is it an answer to a prayer?  Can he really help bring down an oppressive government with a bit of quiet espionage and change the future for the better?

David will risk it all, his wife and 4-year-old son, his mission, his own life…he’s about to find out what happens when we put our own plans, our own wants, our own pride before the plans God has for us.

William Carmichael (founder of Deep River Books) and David Lambert have penned a nice little suspense-filled thriller.  While I found the characters in The Missionary to be a bit shallow (always a danger when there are exciting, out-of-the-ordinary things happening), I did enjoy every minute of it.  I found some of David’s choices and actions stretched the willing suspension of disbelief a bit far, but this is one of the better Christian fiction books I’ve read lately.  Worth a read. 

Check out the trailer:

The Missionary is available from local and online booksellers.

Disclosure:  This is a MamaBuzz review. The product was provided by: Bring It On Communications for this review.

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