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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In Childlike Wonder


“Here mama, put these in some water.”

I look down at my hand and see a bunch of dandelions and other “weeds.”

But my children look at these same plants and see some of God’s beautiful creations.  And they love me enough to share them with me.

It’s all a matter of perspective, you see.  At some point I “learned” that a perfectly green lawn, free of crabgrass and yellow splashes of color was a pretty thing, and somehow preferable to the haphazard bit of this and that that wants to grow there.  I turned a blind eye to the tiniest blue beauties hiding in the manicured grass and forgot that even unplanned things have a place in our hearts.

There are wonders in this world that we could never hope to plan ourselves, from the tiny sigh of a newborn babe to the soft streak of purple in a winter sunset.  Our big plans, our carefully thought up aspirations seem pretty insignificant in comparison.

And yet we keep planning and trying to fit everything into these little categories.  Rose are flowers.  Dandelions are weeds.  And crabgrass is a nuisance.  It’s all very simple, isn’t it?  Until your child reminds you, with childlike wonder, that it’s really not so simple.

How has your child’s wonder opened your eyes to God’ wonder-full world?


  1. I might be weird..okay, I am..but I like the wild 'weeds' best~especially when a child gives them...HUGS!

  2. I don't think you're weird at all. That was the point of the post really---seeing the world anew again through my children's eyes, rather than missing it because of my adult blinders. Thanks for commenting.:0)


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