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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Birthday Party

Last week, David turned 11 and Emma turned 2…they are 9 years and a day apart. 

So far, neither of them minds sharing a birthday party, so we had a big ol’ family celebration.

birthday 029

David did ask for a dragon cake.  I think he had some sort of big sculptured cake in mind, but I wasn’t feeling up to the challenge (remind me to tell you sometime about his 1st birthday cake, the one that started out as a rubber duckie and ended up being a flat Big Bird). 

So I asked him if he would be happy with a plain chocolate cake.  He agreed.  And I surprised him with this:

birthday 014


We had plenty of food and good company.  Nothing fancy.  I’m past my insane days of huge themed parties with activities, games and obstacle courses.  Playing with cousins and visiting with loved ones seems like enough.

birthday 042 Grandpa Jim, Grandma Carol, Cousin Henry and Emma

birthday 044

Aunt Brandy, Mary, and Cousin Deacon

birthday 046

Mary’s in love with Deacon.

birthday 048

Ok, Mary was in love with Deacon, lol.

birthday 032

Emma’s in love with cake.

birthday 061

And with her pink bear.

birthday 065

David’s in love with his new Nerf Stampede.


This thing takes 6 D-cell batteries.  6!

A great time was had by all.  Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

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