Saturday, March 19, 2011

Learn Algebra from

Maybe you've got a high schooler who's struggling in Algebra, Chemistry, or Biology and it's just beyond your ability help them. Or maybe he'd like to dabble in computer science, but, again, you just don't know where to start. And maybe private tutoring is financially... out of the question...frankly, sometimes buying food is just a struggle. But you want him to succeed. What if you could get a month of video tutoring in all of these subjects (and more) for only $35? Sounds like a great deal, doesn't it? offers a suite of videos by college professors designed to give your student that extra help they need. Each course features a video instructor who explains the concepts and uses a virtual whiteboard to illustrate examples.


As a homeschooling mama, I often look for resources that can help my children whenever they are studying something outside of my personal area of expertise (I'm a English Lit/Philosophy kinda gal), so the idea of having an almost live instructor is appealing to me. The instructors I watched were fairly easy to understand (one had a accent that took some getting used to, but I could understand him). They seem knowledgeable and there is also a discussion option (you can click to ask a question when you are signed in). The whiteboard info is clear and easy to read.

I somehow doubt that we would pay for a full year subscription (a full year is $240), but is something I'll keep in mind if my kiddos hit any rough spots in Math or Science when they reach high school. It might be well worth $35 for a month of instruction (and when you homeschool you can work in a whole science course in a month if you like doing units) at that point.

Overall: It's definitely worth checking out. Try it for free for one month with this code: BUZZFA626(be sure to select the one month option when you sign up)

Disclosure: As a BzzAgent, I received a free trial to to check out and help spread the word. I received no other compensation. Opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I signed up for the free trial, but can't find anything on how long it lasts. Do you know the length of the trial membership?

  2. Oops! Should be good for a month (I'll change the post to reflect that). Thanks for asking.


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