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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Do you use Netflix in your homeschool?

We are considering taking the plunge and getting a monthly subscription to Netflix, but only if it will offer good educational possibilities. We're not a TV watching family, so free TV isn't the attraction for us, it's having easy access to truly educational programming that might not otherwise be easily accessible.

With that in mind, I'm looking for input from those in the know. Netflix currently has a 1-month free trial offer going on, but I don't want to even get started unless I really believe it's in my family's best interest. I know from experience how TV can be a time and attention sucker.

So, do you have Netflix streaming? Do you use it for educational purposes? What sort of programming do you watch on it for your homeschool?

Do you get the DVDs, too? If so, do you think the extra expense is worth it from an educational perspective?

Any other thoughts? I'm all ears.


  1. We're analyzing that right now, actually. Signed up for a free month yesterday.

    We watched Rough Science, which was a lot of fun. And led to a lot of great discussions about chemistry and physics.

    In our streaming queue, we have a couple history documentaries, and a couple more science things.

    I don't know if we'll keep going or not.

    Oh, and we did do DVDs too... I got a travel video at the top of our queue.

  2. We had netflix for a while. We waited until we got one of those two month free promotions in the mail. After a while the noverty wore off and we cancelled soon after we had to start paying. For us it was just another thing to keep track of.

    I was also pretty disappointed in the selection.

    I did hear that if you sign up for the one-month and cancel before the end, they offer you another month free. I can't verify that, but that is what I heard.

  3. I don't use Netflix as a primarily educational tool, but my wife and I do catch documentaries now and again. However, the selection--while large--does feel rather lacking at times. Why? Probably because TV in general is so lacking [smile].

    I definitely suggest you take advantage of their free trial. Even without the DVDs, you may find two or three documentaries/educational episodes that look interesting. If you don't feel the value in that first month, I can assure you: It won't get better.

    I still get the DVDs because, thus far, there are still a few things I want to see that aren't available via streaming. But when that short list runs out, I may switch to just streaming until my queue fills up again.


  4. I agree with Luke. I'd do the free month so you can check it out for yourself. What works for one family might not work for yours, so you really need the personal experience.

    We do the DVDs and the instant streaming but the novelty of the DVDs really wore off when they started the instant streaming. There are a good many documentaries on there that we've added to our queue for educational purposes. We don't have any tv service otherwise, so it works for us.

  5. We've had Netflix for probably a year or more. No cable or TV otherwise. As for educational~Netflix isn't my issue, but asking you to consider do you want to add some of the same stuff that's on TV(FREE: videos into your school? Of course, some is great~but that would be more my issue. I have YET to order a DVD myself, but my hub orders them ALL the time. I guess the biggest plus for us is that everybody can nurse their own entertainment taste and not so much educational~but this is just my Heidi has said, you will wanna test it and decide for yourself. Does Mythbusters count??? LOL~HUGS!

  6. Thanks for weighing in:-)

    We're going to try the free month. My biggest challenge is keeping track of things like that so I don't end up paying for extra months. My biggest concern is introducing an element to our family life that will have a negative impact. We'll simply be cautious.

    Thank you, Sister Tipster, for the tip, I'll look into that site.


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