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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blogging With Blinders On

A little while back I wrote about re-evaluating this blog and questioning the time I spend on the internet. And I have taken a bit of a bloggy break. But I’ve come to realize that the blog is not really problem…

…it’s that vast Google indexed universe called the internet that’s so full of information I just don’t have…yet. If I could just spend another hour or two or 600 of my life searching, I just know I could come up with the meaning of life and maybe even find the perfect unit study on vegetarian sharks. Too bad my family wouldn’t be speaking to me anymore.

I know this because even though I have taken a bloggy break, I really haven’t taken an internet break and it’s telling on me. Somehow that Swagbucks toolbar keeps calling my name to search for the answers to some pretty big questions about life, the universe, and everything and the lowest price on Penguin Crocs, including shipping---have you seen the Penguin Crocs? They are stinkin’ cute!

So, I really need an internet holiday. But here’s the thing: bloggers read other blogs. They also read the news, bulletin boards, forums, facebook, they even tweet sometimes. They do that to get inspiration, to give encouragement, to interact with that great big bloggy world. And they often end up staring blankly into that bright LCD, skimming over pages and pages of blog posts and comments, going video blind before realizing that it’s after 1 am and they still have to write their own post before going to bed. And they really do click the “check mail” button in their email clients every 30 seconds to check for any new messages. How do I know that?

I have a lot of things I want to do in this life. And I’m not getting them done. I even have a lot of articles that (I hope!) will be worthwhile to write. But I don’t get them written. It takes time to zone out in front of the computer. Time I just don’t have.

I’m going to put on my blinders and purposely ignore internet. I’ll talk more about why this is necessary at a later date, but it is necessary. So, here are my guidelines:

  • I will only check my email once a day, probably in the evening (definitely not during “school”)
  • I will limit my internet time to 1 hour/day tops! This includes web searches, reading forums, doing facebook (which I don’t do much anyway), shopping, and uploading blog posts.

I’ll still do my best to respond to comments and to answer email, but please forgive me if you don’t receive the answer 30 seconds later. Smile


  1. I LOVE how you said "Please forgive me if you don't get an answer 30 seconds later."


    Mrs. White

  2. All things come in their own time~and with littles, your time isn't internet based...later you may have more to do what you want...completely understood. HUGS!

  3. The boys think I live on the computer. And, some days I'd be likely to agree with them. I'm just not ready to do a major cutback at the moment as it is my connection to people while living so far away. Wishing you the best of luck with curbing back internet usage.

  4. oh! those crocs are adorable! and my swagbucks total thanks you lol

    You are also 100% correct. I think I need to start limiting my internet time as well. I already put all my favorite blogs on my RSS feed reader so I don't miss anything. Although I don't think I can do 1hr lol.


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