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Friday, November 19, 2010

You learn something new every day...

...and today I learned that having a ball of yarn within reach of a 19-month-old is a big mistake. Especially if the other end is attached to her 6-year-old sister who is trying to learn how to knit.

And that when my gut tells me that this should be the last row for today, so the learner can end in triumph, rather than a mess of dropped and twisted stitches, that I really should just lay down the law and not get talked into "one more row."

And that my method of knitting isn't so weird after's Continental (yarn is held in the left-hand). I taught myself to knit years ago and never saw anyone else knit (in person) holding the yarn in the left hand, so I always thought I was just weird. Turns out it's pretty conventional, just not in English speaking countries, lol. I can't do English knitting, it just feels wrong. Maybe I'm a closet lefty.

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