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Monday, November 15, 2010

Review: Corps of Re-Discovery


After trekking through 47 of the 50 United States, one homeschooling family was inspired to share our nation’s heritage through hands-on learning with all of us who can’t take off in a 32-foot RV to explore it all firsthand…and Corps of Re-Discovery was born. On their site, you’ll find an interesting assortment of crafty kits and and doodads to add some memorable moments to your American history studies.

Disclosure: As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I received a Fringe Pouch Kit to review. I received no compensation. The opinions expressed here are my own.

fringe-pouch-1__75814_zoomMary (age 6) was very excited when this came in the mail: something to sew! Here she is, getting ready to stitch together the pre-punched suede. october 2010 052

(Picture to the left is the stock photo, colors will vary from kit to kit.)

The Fringe Pouch Kit comes with everything you need to make one pouch (except scissors): pre-punched suede leather pieces, leather cording, waxed linen, a needle and instructions.

october 2010 043The kit was very easy to assemble, in fact, once I got it set up, Mary was able to do this almost entirely on her own.

october 2010 054

october 2010 055

october 2010 056october 2010 058

What we liked:

Quality materials and a simple project that really is doable in an afternoon for a 1st grade or older child. Mary’s sense of accomplishment was wonderful!

What could be improved:

I would like to see clearer instructions with better (and more) illustrations. At least one illustration was labeled incorrectly, or at least, the instructions referred to a label that was not on the corresponding illustration. The instructions for threading the drawstring had me scratching my head for a minute, too. In the end, I figured it out by trying it on one side while showing Mary, but I can imagine that someone without sewing or crafting know-how might have some difficulty.


This was a good experience. I’m thinking about ordering another one of their kits. While the boys would probably like the Tomahawk, I’m leaning more towards the Patchwork Quilt or Weaving Loom.

The Fringe Pouch Kit is currently available for $11.99 (on sale) from Corps of Re-Discovery.

Prices on other kits vary.

For reviews on other kits, please visit the TOS Homeschool Crew Blog.


  1. After reading your review I went back to the website to look at the weaving loom. Thanks! I had not noticed that before. It is a lot more affordable than the American Girl kit we were considering purchasing for one daughter.

  2. Great review. Wish I would have thought of taking a picture of all the pieces before assembling. :)

  3. The tomahawks are cool! You may wanna start with that. I saw that loom-thinking that would be a nice Christmas present! :0)
    Nice review!


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