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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Review: Columbus Terra Political Globe


CSN Stores has all kinds of household goods, but did you know that they have high quality educational products for your homeschool, too? Like this beautiful political globe from Columbus:

Terra Political Globe - 10' Diameter

This illuminated globe shows political boundaries when it isn’t lit, but when lit, it becomes a topographical globe:

globe plus grammy visit 002globe plus grammy visit 007

The stock photo doesn’t show it, but the cord comes out of the south pole axis, which does not in any way interfere with its rotation. The globe comes with a candelabra bulb installed and a spare bulb.

At 10” (globes are measured in diameter), the Terra Political Globe is large enough that you can read most of the names (though if you have tired eyes like mine, you might like a magnifying glass), but small enough that it’s not impossible to store when not in use (I have it on top my my fridge).

What we love about it:

The actual globe is a virtually unbreakable acrylic ball! For those of you have been reading me long enough, you know we don’t have a good track record when it comes to globes:

global destruction

I’m hopeful that the Terra globe will last for a good long while…or at least until all the political boundaries in the real world change.

The bulb inside is not indestructible, that might be a problem. Winking smile

What could be improved:

    • The entire thing is made of plastic, which is a selling point for use with kiddos (nobody can brain anybody with a plastic base), but also a drawback. The hollow base is not heavy enough to resist tipping when 3 kiddos are simultaneously spinning the globe. I may try weighting it with some modeling clay.
    • The legend for the topographical map is very faint (it only appears when the globe is illuminated) and hard to read.globe plus grammy visit 008
    • No political boundaries for the states in the U.S. This is not an American maker, so I wasn’t actually surprised by this. The map is labeled with the names of countries and cities.

Overall, I’m very pleased with our new globe, and so are the kiddos…it’s helping to feed their enthusiasm for geography and the world we live in…definitely a worthwhile tool for our homeschool.

The Columbus Terra Globe is available for $49.95 at CSN Stores and it ships for free!

Disclosure: I received this product for free from CSN Stores for review purposes. I received no other compensation.

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