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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gratitude Flows Within: Day 1

Tis the month of Thanksgiving, so Brenda over at Garden of Learning has issued a Gratitude Challenge...30 days of blogging about what you are grateful for. Since I've been belly-aching so much lately, I need to participate in this, even if I am a little late the first day.

I am grateful for my dear hubby, who's not afraid to be a loving Papa and take over with the kiddos when he sees his poor wife has had enough. Thank you, dear one, for snuggling down with little Emma at bedtime when she refused to go to bed for Mama (instead choosing to run around the house, pulling random things off of shelves and sticking other random things into her mouth in a desperate effort to keep her eyes open).

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  1. Love those wonderful husbands that help just where we need it! Thanks so much for sharing! :-)


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