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Friday, November 19, 2010

Fit Mommy Challenge: Week 4

Welcome to week 4 of the Fit Mommy 10-Week Challenge started by Denise over at Got Chai? You can see my goals here.

I re-discovered Wii Sports this week. And my shoulders really ache. Boxing, tennis and golf will do that to a gal.

But it was fun. Only the next day there was simply no way I could do those bicep curls and lateral shoulder lifts on the 30-Challenge for Wii Active. I did get in exercise each day except yesterday, though, so all is not lost.

No weight loss (or gain, either), but the muscles in my arms and legs are developing into something other than gelatinous lumps, so I'm pleased. I think my jeans are a little looser, around the waist, but that could be wishful thinking.

The kiddos have almost finished the Halloween candy, and I still haven't consumed a single piece. I did share a killer piece of chocolate cake with hubby on date night. At least it was dessert.

My water consumption has been much better this week and I've had at least 8 glasses most days.

I have been avoiding caffeine. While my body doesn't like this, I can feel my level of stress going down. Yesterday, I made the mistake of having an Iced Mocha from Micky D's (not a normal thing) and later having a coke when we ate dinner out...I could feel the jolt and it really wasn't good for me. So, much as I don't want to give up my tea or coffee, I think I'm going to continue with this experiment and see where it goes.

Does anyone know where I can find a good decaffeinated Chai?


  1. Awesome changes, Susan!! Looks like you are making great progress!! Oh it's not easy giving up the caffeine, but eventually you won't want any in time! PROMISE! Keep going, girl~we're gonna make it! HUGS!!

  2. Good job.

    You can make your own decaffe tea. Just steep the tea for 30 seconds, dump the water and steep again for the normal time. I learned that from Dr. Tea. I do this with the teas I already have in my cupboard instead of buying special decaffe teas.

    Good job on the sugar free day.

  3. Good job! Do you know what I do for tea? I honestly steep tea with about 3 times the water I "should." I do make sure I pre-heat my tea pot and my water reaches a full boil so when I do pour the water over the tea leaves or bags I release all the flavor, yet the caffeine content is reduced naturally. I also sometimes use one regular tea bag (or loose tea) with an equal amount of decaff.

  4. Susan, You are doing great! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

  5. I need to try out the Wii again! Good job this week!


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