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Friday, November 5, 2010

Fit Mommy Challenge: Week 2


See my first post on the Fit Mommy 10 week challenge to see my goals.

This week was harder, stress was my enemy and somehow the kiddos pushed every button I have until…I really did want chocolate.

The sweets journal:

On Saturday, I had a shortbread cookie for dessert (hubby and the kiddos made them, how could I refuse?).

On Sunday I had 1 itty bitty piece if my nephew’s cake. No Halloween candy, though.

On Monday, I did not trek to the store looking for 1/2 price Halloween candy (at least 300 kiddos came by our house the night before, and this is not an exaggeration, so we have no candy left other than my kiddos bags, no temptation!). I did have 2 shortbread cookies for dessert.

On Tuesday, I had a cookie for dessert.

On Wednesday, I did have some cookie dough. Horrors! And it did have Heath bits in it. Oops! In my defense, I didn’t know about the Heath bits until after I had some and then it was too late.

On Thursday, I had 2 cookies made from the cookie dough I had a taste of the day before. For dessert, of course.

Today, I had a cup of mocha cappuccino.

Water intake:

48 glasses of water (10-12 oz glasses)---I was a little light on the water intake this week. Our filtering pitcher suddenly stopped filtering, so water quality was not so good (our new undercounter filter is finally installed, so that’s no longer a prob) and we were out of the house more than usual.

Tea intake:

8 mugs---not too bad for a whole week.


Between cold and rain, the weather hasn’t been great for outside activities. Saturday I fell asleep instead of exercising. I started EA Sports Active for Wii on Monday. This is cool! I’m definitely getting a workout with it (I know this because I’m sore all over all the time, ha ha). I’ve completed 80% of the first week’s goal. I do that for 2 days and then for the “rest” days, I do some light activity with Wii Fit. I will probably take one day off each week. So, 20 minutes of exercise each day 5 days out of 7, and today’s not over yet. Not bad.


  1. Sounds like a GREAT week to me - cookies included :)

  2. Great going~Is there such a thing as cookie envy??? LOL!! ;-))

  3. SO, umm, do you like cookies?
    HA HA Just kidding.
    I succumbed to the candy all week, whaaa, I am upset with myself.
    I am putting the rest of the candy up and will hide it so I won't eat anymore.
    Good job you are doing!


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