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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Review: MistyMate


There’s nothing quite like playing soccer in 90 degree heat, the sweat streaming down your face, water bottle drained before half-time. And there’s nothing quite like watching your kiddos do,it while sitting on the sidelines, no shade trees in sight. We’re thankful for the cooler temps, but it wasn’t much more than a week ago that we were still sweatin’ it…and we were thankful to have MistyMate.

MistyMate makes a whole line of personal misters and patio misters designed to take some of the edge off those Sahara days. The micro-fine mist can help lower the ambient temperature by as much as 30 degrees. And when you’ve got a kiddo with a genetic skin disorder that makes him prone to overheating (Peter can overheat in temps as low as 70 degrees), MistyMate can truly be a lifesaver.

MistyMate sent us a Misty 2.5 personal mister, a 10 Classic personal mister, Keepin Cool 6 portable patio mister and an Artic Tie for review.

misty3test newmisty10 keepincool_6_1 arctictie_1

The children’s favorite is the patio mister.

october 2010 117

october 2010 116

Think Tropical Rainforest.

They were actually begging to go play in the backyard when it was hot.

The Keep Cool 6 patio mister ($19.99) comes with 10’ of supply line, 10’ of mist line (with 6 micromist nozzles), 6 clips and instructions. The end of the supply hose screws onto your outside tap or the end of a hose. It does leak some at the hose connection, but not enough to affect operation.

By my thermometer, the ambient temp in the area where we used the mister was reduced by 10 degrees F, not bad considering it was in an open, somewhat windy space. I’ve no doubt it would be much more effective clipped to the underside of a huge beach umbrella. We may have to look into getting one of the larger systems…maybe our postage stamp-sized yard could become a postage-stamp-sized rainforest. The clips for attaching the mister hose are the badge type, so you are little limited in what you can attach them to (can’t attached them to a fence, for instance). I might have to get a little creative.

The personal misters are a handy way to take your mist with you, whether it be on a jog or to sit on the sidelines of a soccer game. I particularly like the Misty 2.5 ($16.99) for its kid-friendliness. You pump it up to pressurize it (even my 5-year-old can do this), then just push the little mist button. The kiddos were fighting over this one, though I don’t know how durable it will be. All the parts are plastic and I have a feeling a couple of drops on concrete or too much enthusiastic pumping might do it in.

The Classic 10 ($19.99) is a little harder to use, but more flexible in how you can use it and more heavy-duty---not too worried about this one breaking. The pump arm is metal and the rest of it is of a heavier plastic. Its belt clip makes it easy to take with you and the mist nozzle is at the end of a coiled hose with a clip---you can clip it to your clothes and just turn the valve on when you need some mist, keeping it relatively hands-free. The valve is a bit fiddly, hard for small fingers to operate, so I would reserve this one for the adults.

The Artic Tie ($19.99 for 2) is a simple accessory. It’s like a bandanna that has been sewn into a tube and then filled with those crystals that absorb and hold water---they can hold up to 200 their weight in water! You can tie this around your neck or your forehead to help cool you off. We just soak the tie for a few minutes in cool water, then throw it into a zipper baggie and take it with us when we go to the park or on a walk. This actually works pretty well, it’s good at keeping Peter cooler when it’s pretty warm, but not blazing hot. We’ve also combined with the Misty 2.5 when he’s watching his older brother play soccer. Between that and drinking plenty of water, he was able to manage being in the heat for the whole game, instead of hiding in the air-conditioned car. Truly wonderful!

The only problem we had with the Artic Tie is that the fabric is not prewashed and the color runs when new (ours was red) and there’s no way to wash it, really, to get the excess dye out. But repeated use seems to have mitigated that issue.

Thank you MistyMate, for helping to make the early Fall heat bearable…I wish I had found you sooner! While it has cooled off here, we still get an occasional hot day, and sometimes you just need some relief from the sun. I would definitely recommend these products if you live in a warmer climate, too.

Disclosure: MistyMate sent me the products mentioned in this review for free for review purposes. I received no other compensation.

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