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Monday, October 11, 2010

Homeschool for FREE: Odds and Ends

Ok, these are sites that cover multiple subjects or simply...well, defy categorization. All kinds of goodies here, including lesson plans, games and video resources to add some pizazz to your studies.

The US Mint's 50 States Quarter Program has lesson plans covering on various topics, including social studies, math and language arts. You'll find several other programs here, all revolving around our country's coins. K-12

Ellen McHenry's Basement Workshop offers free downloads for activities and boardgames to supplement your curriculum, all by Ellen. Math, science, geography and even Latin are represented here. Elementary and Middle School

Songs that Teach newsletter sign-up. Includes free song downloads, song lyrics and activities. Elementary

Amy on WithPurpose wrote a series of Homeschooling for Free blog posts (hey, great minds think alike!) a couple of years ago...most of these links still appear to be good! Hooray! And most are not repeats of what I've posted here so far. Double Hooray! Categorized by subject. All ages

Canon Creative Park offers various free paper crafts for download, including stationery, calendars, models of historical architecture, models of animals, and many, many more. Be forewarned, though, some of the models can be quite complicated (look over the instructions before attempting with your kiddos). All ages

Scribd is a free service that allows you to upload documents to share with others...and download documents others have shared. It is absolutely jam-packed with free resources from people all over the magazine, articles, textbooks, printables and more. All ages

Owl & Mouse offers a number of educational software programs and other tidbits for download. Some of their programs can also be used online. You'll find geography games, phonics programs, and even printables for building your own castle. Preschool to Elementary

Pomegranate Software hosts over 150 full-length videos on their site from PBS. You'll find history, nature, space, health and more. See, you don't need cable or satellite to have access to educational programs, folks. All ages

Sheppard Software has a free educational website full of interactive games and activities. Elementary

Howrse is an interesting simulation site that will allow your horse lover to breed and raise virtual horses and run a virtual equestrian center. Late elementary to high school

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