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Monday, October 4, 2010

Homeschool for FREE: Art

Still more free resources. Here you will find goodies for drawing instruction, art principles and techniques, as well as art appreciation.

Note: Every family will have different ideas about what type of art they are comfortable with their children viewing. Sites that contain artist bios may have information that you feel is too adult for your children. Please preview all links before turning your kiddos loose on them:-)

If your kiddos like mysteries, they might like A. Pintura: Art Detective, an interactive mystery story that introduces the masters through some elements of their art and images of actual masterpieces. The developers also have another art adventure called Inside Art and an interactive Artist's Toolkit where you can experiment with the "tools" artists use. Grades 4 and up

Dick Blick, known for providing fine artist's tools and affordable craft supplies, has pages of free lesson plans you can download as PDFs. Some even include online video lessons. These tend to not call for just household materials, so be forewarned. K-12

Mark Harden's Artchive is a tremendous resource of information on art and artists. For a more detailed description, visit this link for my previous post on this site.

Meet the Masters is 247-page an art appreciation program that includes full color pics of the works discussed as well as related art projects. Also includes full color pics of the works discussed. Lessons for K-5.

Do you remember Mark Kistler? He had a show on PBS called the Secret City (back in the 80's I think) dedicated to teaching his loyal fans how to draw their own secret city in 3-D. I have fond memories of the show and wondered if Mark was still around...turns out he's still alive and kicking and teaching kiddos how to draw. While you can buy a membership to his website for video drawing lessons, he has a whole bunch of freebies you can watch and learn from. Mini Marshmallows is for K-2 and the Online Video Art Academy is for older children.

All previous editions of Homeschool for FREE can be accessed from my sidebar.

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