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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Touching Our Dreams

Ever since I was a kiddo, standing at the bus stop, watching the sun’s rays glance through the clouds and dancing over street signs, I’ve wanted to capture those moments on film. But I never had the time, money, patience, or (and let’s be totally honest, here) drive, ahem, to become a photographer.

Or do I? With the advent of digital photography, there’s no more waste in developing under (or over) exposed prints. I can snap a hundred shots a day if I want.

And with the easy availability of information, I can peruse and glean tips from photographers around the world, while my kiddos sleep in their beds…instead of carving out time in my busy daylight schedule to take a class. It’s not perfect, but there’s nothing like hands-on experience to teach you the ins and outs of just about anything.

No more excuses.

So, I’m making a conscious effort to turn my camera to “manual” (nope, don’t have an SLR, this is the Canon Powershot A630, which does have manual controls) and stop letting it making all the decisions for me. I stumbled across a basic overview of aperture, shutter speed, rule-of-thirds and ISO that gave me a start (if I find it again, I’ll post it) and I’ve been snapping shots like crazy.

Most of them are pretty bad.

new september 2010 150

Really, really bad.

new september 2010 146

But I can learn a lot from my mistakes.

And not having to wait for those prints to come back from the developer is definitely a huge advantage.

new september 2010 148

(All of these shots were taken without flash and with plenty of setting fiddling).

And I’m having fun with it (no retouching, here).

new september 2010 252

new september 2010 329

new september 2010 260

new september 2010 227

new september 2010 377

new september 2010 344

new september 2010 224

Nothing inspiring or particularly good. Just having fun.

What dreams are you pursuing?


  1. Follow on, girl! Me? Just being here...;-))

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Glad you found me. I homeschool as well! Hooray for learning spelling in footie pajamas.
    I am married to a photographer. I take horrible camera photos that I print, publish on my blog and let the whole world know that my talent lies with words and not so much with the camera.
    Photos are fun and the memories are worth it! 'specially for the kids sake

  3. Thank you ladies, a little encouragement goes a long way for me these days [smile].

  4. That is sooo great!! I'm sorry I missed this post!


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