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Friday, September 24, 2010

Our Week in Review: Week 4 Already?

I’ve been a bit remiss in recapping our weekly activities. I could lie and say I was just too busy doing those activities…but the truth is if I don’t do it in the heat of the moment (before the week is actually done), my mind is already off to the next thing. By the time Friday comes, what happened on Monday seems like an age ago. And if it’s Saturday, forget it, the drive simply is gone.

Maybe I should do a daily wrap-up or something.

new september 2010 148 Peter copying pictures from a book on mythology.

new september 2010 270

Emma “reading.”

new september 2010 350

Homemade compasses.

We learned about the difference between geographic north and magnetic north.

We also made a gigantic

new september 2010 363

Compass Rose,

using our homemade compasses as a guide.

This was a real effort in teamwork.

new september 2010 353

new september 2010 359

Although the team was not entirely willing. A little grumpy, actually.

What is it with 10-year-old brothers that they suddenly can’t get along with little sis?

Must be that tween thing.

We built

new september 2010 368

new september 2010 372

pyramids out of sugar cubes.

(I won’t say how many sugar cubes they consumed. Let’s just say that many of the cubes were “imperfect.” Ahem)

new september 2010 375

David asked to study architecture this year, so we are working on architecture.

new september 2010 370

An excellent resource on how the pyramids were built is a Nova video called Secrets of Lost Empires: Pyramid. Basically, they try build a much smaller version of the Great Pyramid (in a ridiculously short period of time, of course)---but their mistakes and discoveries offer a lot of insight into the process.

We viewed the moon through our telescope. And Jupiter!

This is the moon through the telescope.

new september 2010 405

We learned about instruments of navigation.

new september 2010 439

We went on a few nature walks.

new september 2010 433

Did some running around.

new september 2010 428

And, of course, the 4 Rs: Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic, and…Reasoning.

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  1. My kids really wanted to make sugar cube pyramids last year, and I couldn't find sugar cubes! I'll have to look for them again at our local stores, it looks like a great project (even with less than perfect sugar cubes to be eaten!)

  2. We used Domino "Dots," which might be a bit smaller than traditional cubes, I dunno. They are also not technically cubes (shorter on one side)---something to look out for when littles are making the first layer.

    We found that a double-wall worked best. Peter's looks like it will cave (it's actually quite stable, though, we used plenty of glue:-), because it was completed first with only a single-wall.

    Now to figure out what to do with them:?)

  3. I could have written every word that you began with! It's Saturday and I think I'm at least weeks behind in weekly wrap-ups!

    Love those pryamid sugar cubes!!!!

  4. Awesome! Love the pics...great pyramids and compass!


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