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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How They Learn

Peter (getting out of the shower): "Mommy, what's water made out of?"

Mama: "Water."

Peter (crinkling up his brows): "Then what's ice made out of?"

Mama (smiling): "Water. But it's frozen water. And steam is water that got so hot, it turned into a gas!"

Peter: "So, how did they get the steam into Thomas' smoke stack, did they just shovel it in there?"

Mama (grinning): "No, do you remember Thomas' boiler? Remember when he needed more water in his boiler, so they lowered a bucket over the bridge to get water and fill his boiler?"

Peter laughs: "And the fish! Got in his boiler!"

Mama: "That's right. They burn the coal and the coal heats up the boiler and turns the water into steam. The pressure from the steam makes the pistons go so his wheels turn."

Peter (very excited now): "And the steam comes out his smokestack!"

Mama: "Right! The steam has to escape or the pressure would build up...and you know what would happen then? Thomas might explode!"

Peter (making exploding noises): "Cool!"


  1. So true! I love seeing the connections kids make.

  2. I love your kiddos~they are amazing! Peter is sooooo cute, but so are the others! Thanks for sharing!

  3. You could just see the little wheels turning in his head...priceless.


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