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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When Mama's not Lookin'...

...the 10-year-old will be ruthlessly attacked by the 4-year-old, sustaining a cut and a goose-egg in the center of his forehead AirBender water cannon, a Happy Meal toy, I think. So much for makin' kids "Happy." Said 10-year-old will melt into a puddle of tears and feign ignorance when asked why there are puddles of water all over the kitchen floor and water is dripping from the hitherto before dry water cannon. (20 minutes later he will admit to filling said water cannon to see how it works---"Oh, that's what you mean, Mama!")

The 4-year-old will disappear into his room, letting out a blood-curdling scream when informed that the treasured water cannon will soon be entering a landfill (along with all those other "Happy" making toys).

Jump ahead about 20 minutes...

...after helping the 4-year-old with cleaning up after using the potty, Mama, hurries downstairs, fearful of leaving an unattended toddler to, oh, I dunno, pull a bag of cheddar pretzels off the table, stuff her face with pretzels and spread about a third of the bag all over the floor. Emma would be so cute with orange stains all around her mouth, all over her hands and all over her perfectly white, brand-new onesie, don't you think?

Mama carries the baby upstairs to change her diaper (the baby's), and other things, and pauses on the stairs when she hears the water running. Hmmm, the 4-year-old finished pottying at least 5 minutes ago...why is the water running?...

...and WHY is he up to his elbows in soap suds that are quickly overtaking the counter?


Peter dissolves into a puddle of tears and hides behind the door.

Mama: I am MAD at you, Peter!

Peter, very sweetly: If you stop being mad at me, I'll draw you a picture.

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  1. Gosh, that's about everyday here! Only instead of pretzels we had a chocolate chip fiasco yesterday. I send you Mom hugs because I know how those days go. You can do it!


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