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Monday, July 5, 2010

The Walmart Dash

Amount of time it took Emma to remove shoe #1?
-2 minutes
Came off in the parking lot.

Amount of time it took Peter to whine, "I wanna go hooome?"
1 minute
At least he waited until we were in the store.
Too bad he decided to go off like a siren every other minute.

Amount of time wasted randomly wandering the aisles trying to remember what I was there for?
20 minutes
Would you believe I had a list?
Seems I have a hard time concentrating
when there's a siren in the background.

Amount of time before I realized that Emma had removed shoe #2...and that I had no idea where it was?
About 30 minutes
This would also be about the time
I realized that we needed to make tracks
to make it to the library in time for the sharks program.

Amount of time spent retracing our steps looking for the shoe?
15 minutes
We found it about 3 minutes before the sippy went missing.

Sigh, is it any wonder I prefer to shop at midnight?

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  1. Hey there!
    I've given you an award~
    Love the new look of your blog..good point about graphics...might just see about that...HUGS!


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