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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Junkyard Chair...

...or, things you wouldn't have thought you could sit on without noticing.

Ahem. Bit late posting this. These are all the things dear hubby found in this chair when we were getting ready to move it. There's some wooden track, plastic track, a TV remote (my in-laws TV remote, sheesh!), and a whole lot more. To be fair, they were crammed down in the corners, but that remote went missing for a year. Too bad we didn't find any overdue library books in there.

Hey, Blogger, stop rotating my pics! I really, really miss Live Writer, sigh.


  1. Oh my! We lost a remote in a chair once for a year. I looked for it there, but it was waaay down in a crack.

  2. They just look like cracks...when you put your hand in there, you realize they are caverns.


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