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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Please Pardon My Moving Pains

I'm busily working to revamp my blog and make it more friendly, so please bear with me.

I'm also busily packing up my life to postings will be a bit sporadic over the next week or so as we find a new norm...did I mention I'm going to dial-up? No, that wasn't a joke! We'll see how that little experiment works out. I'm doing it for y'all, because I know you're dying to know (wink).



  1. This looks completely different. The sidebars look nice. I'm going to read the internet story.

  2. I have to laugh, girl,,, you cracked me up with your internet post...the Mary recital was adorable! OK, have fun moving~well, maybe NOT fun! hugs!

  3. Fun?! Lol! It'll be an experience, anyway. And probably not the most daunting move I've ever done.

  4. Good luck moving! Wanted to come by and answer your question about the Poor Man's Brie recipe. You don't have to crack open the top layer of the crescent rolls, people just use their cracker and break into it scooping top to bottom getting two layers of crescent roll and the cheesy middle on their cracker. Hope that made sense!
    Heather @


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