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Monday, June 28, 2010

Dial-Up Internet...It's Pretty Ugly

After a few days of dial-up I was thinking, "Hey, this ain't so bad."

A little slower, but that keep me from mindlessly wandering over endless mounds of information. That's probably a plus.

And if I turn off graphics, pages load much more quickly, perfect for getting through pages of emails and skimming over forum and blog posts.

Then I spent about an hour designing a new blog header.

And uploaded it to my blog.

And previewed it.

And immediately deleted it.

It was a huge blur!

Thought there was something wrong with my file. So I uploaded my old header and took a look at that. And started looking at the other pics on my blog. And they were all pixelly bloboids (yes, that's a technical term).

Logos on commercial sites are pixelated and filled with artifacts...nope, it ain't pretty. It's actually pretty ugly.

This is liable to really change the way I look at the internet.