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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Review: Light Speed AP Chemistry Exam Prep


If your children are in high school, they just might be taking some Advanced Placement (AP) courses, hoping to score some college credit before they get there. But how can you know they are really ready for the test?

Cerebellum Corporation (Also known as Standard Deviants), known for their educational videos on various subjects (including Light Speed Math), has a new series of DVDs designed to help your child prepare for the AP exam.

Each set comes with an approximately 50 minute video that gives tips and tricks for taking the test, as well as a brief overview of 30 of the topics most commonly appearing on the test (“30 in 30”). Also included is a “digital workbook” on cd-rom, which provides an overview of how the test is set up and practice questions, so your child can get familiar with the types of questions to expect on the exam.

GH4001-2T We received the Light Speed AP Chemistry set for review. Now, none of my children are high school age…and it has been many years since I took an AP exam (won’t say how many)…and I never took an AP Chemistry exam (chemistry definitely was not my subject). I will be concentrating on the quality of the product in this review and the test-taking tips, as I haven’t the knowledge to critique the chemistry info given, nor the accuracy of the AP specific info.

The DVD is well produced, with clear sound, titles and graphics. The “stars” are young people, possibly high school age, though possibly slightly older. The idea here is definitely to pack a large amount of information into a small amount of time, zipping from one point to the next. Check out this trailer:

The “digital workbook” is a handy tool for getting a feel for the actual exam, giving actual questions of each type that will appear on the exam.

Do not expect this set to be adequate preparation if your child is shaky on the concepts. The intent is help her feel comfortable while taking the test, by showing her what to expect and to give her tips on how to manage her time wisely. I found the test-taking tips to be sound for any type of standardized test. They concentrate on time-management, but also offer advice on issues like when it is wise to guess, when you are not sure about the answer.

The “30 in 30” is a good way to make sure that your child has a solid grasp of the concepts that will be on the exam. If she struggles with those concepts, it might be a good idea to do some more studying…or skip taking the exam.

Cerebellum also has Light Speed AP videos available for: English Language and Composition, History of the US, and US Government and Politics.

Each set is regularly priced at $14.98, but right now they are on sale for $11.24!

As a member of the TOS Homeschool Review Crew, I received a complementary copy of Cerebellum’s AP Chemistry Exam Prep set for review purposes. I received no compensation and the opinions reflected in this review are my own.

For more reviews of this and other products, please visit:



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