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Monday, May 31, 2010

Not Me Monday: It’s a Gusher!


My children are best friends. They never argue. They never fight. Our house is always filled with the wonderful sense of calm…there is never any strife.

So, on Friday, Mary did not pinch Peter. And he did not respond by sitting on her face. Her nose did not gush blood, causing her to scream, “If you broke my nose, I’ll never forgive you!” and “You are the worst brother, ever!”

And I did not smirk because she had already declared David to be the “Worst Brother Ever” earlier that day. Or groan because there were drops of blood everywhere, from the living room to the kitchen. Or contemplate calling the dance studio to tell them Mary would miss class. I did not dig for M’s leotard in the dirty clothes because it did not turn out to not have been in the load of clean laundry I thought it was in.

I never leave things till the last minute. Not ever. My home is a well oiled machine. You will never catch me unprepared.

More about my killer preparedness, my stellar parenting skills, and my resourceful children.

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  1. So happy to see I'm not alone in my perfection out here! God Bless!


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